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next ride in Oz

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Planning a big ride weekend in April - 15 to 21st.

    Leave from FTG in Vic, up to goulburn (via the good roads of course) over to Gloucester (via Buckets way) then up to Toowoomba, then maybe on a bit further. and back on 21st.

    Any happenings that weekend that I can aim for?
    Planning 6-7000 klm for the ride.
    Time to stretch the legs of the bike and find the open road.
    Usual MO is to not book anything and see where I end up.

  2. You're doing this on an M109R?
  3. Absolutely!.

    The beast just eats up the miles.
  4. Tentative route
    Looking for dry ground
    My question is...

    Given the water in QLD , am I heading into any areas that are likely to get me stranded?

    Route from Mlb to Cairns.
    Leaving Thursday 15th April.
    Back Home Tuesday 20th (late possibly)

    Princes Hwy from Mlb - To Narrabarba
    Then Mt Imlay Rd to Rockton, The Monaro Highway to just past Bombala
    Brown Mtn Rd to Bega, Than back on Princes Highway to Batemans bay.
    Up Kings Highway to Goulburn
    Goulburn to Oberon, then on to Bathurst for a few laps.
    Back to O'Connell, down Tarana Rd to Lithgow.
    Down Bells Line of Road to Kurrajong
    Putty Rd to Singleton.
    New England Highway to Pacific Highway (Maitland)
    Bucketts way to Gloucester
    Up Thunderbolts way to Uralla
    New England Highway to Toowoomba
    Over to Esk, Up to Moore, The across to Caboolture.
    On the Faithful Princes Highway up to Cairns.

    Will see how far I get, maybe I wont get to Cairns, but it is good to be ambitious. 1600klm days have beendone in the past with no regrets,

    Havent decided a route home yet., but probably the same back to Toowoomba,
    then New England Highway to Tamworth
    Then Oxley to Dubbo, Newell to Tocumwal, Goulburn Valley Hwy to Shepp, Seymour,
    Melba Hwy to Lilydale, and almost home.