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next progression?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by patske, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I've been riding for a good 3 weeks now solidly, and I seem to have the general travelling from A to B down pat. Traffic I'm fine with and my behaviour around it is pretty good I think since I drove a car Before a bike and thus the road rules were not something I needed to learn from scratch, I do still have trouble with slow maneuvering, like roundabouts and U-Turns especially on my fzr250, When I did my L's course I used their trail bike and found that it was quite easy to ride around slowly on, my bike will just stall if i let the clutch out. So for this reason I was thinking to hire the testing centre's bike for my P's test. However since the P's test is basically a slow maneuvering test and my bike isn't the best for it, could I conclude that if I do get the hang of slow maneuvering on a bike which is poor at it my skills will better when I finally get on a bike that isn't too bad at moving about slowly?
  2. Maybe, but doing the test on a easy to manouvre bike will let you pass the test quicker and allow you to continue practising on your current bike!
    Make the test as easy for yourself as possible, you really can't beat the trail bike for the low speed stuff! Upright seating position with high and wide bars is ideal for the job.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    (did my test on my trailie, then bought a CBR250RR a bit later on when my skills had improved)
  3. I must agree with that. You need everything going for you and most modern sports bikes are not slow-speed friendly; restricted turning circle, thumbs get caught between the twist grips and the tank and have to be kept up around 6000 rpm for them to do anything.

    Trailie is a great idea!!!
  4. The way i figure it, you've got atleast 7 weeks to practice (if you got your L's 3 weeks ago when u started riding). I dont think youve got anything to worry about, just take the time you need to build your skills. 8)
  5. Use the centre's bike. You don't want to be stalling the bike during the test. Still recon your bikes got some drama's if you can't ride slow on it without it always stalling.
  6. Yes just concentrate on passing the test and proving you competency on THEIR bike, you'll have plenty of time to master your's
  7. Well since u got ~7 weeks till your P's at the bar minimum. Try and ride or rather practice the slower stuff as much as possible.

    You never know, u could adapt to the bike really well and even get the knee down.

    When I went for my P's, i had my L's for a while :roll: but still used the centre's bike (CB250)and struggle initially.
  8. yeah that's the thing,i don't want to use the centre's bike and then get stuck with a cb250, that i reckon i will be totally out of my element in, diff seating position and all might put me off =\
  9. Hey patske,
    That was something i was considering when i went for my p's. I was lucky in a sense that the bike i used was the same as mine. I was considering on using my own originally but in the end decided to use theirs(that was before i knew they had the virago's)
    The difference in bike's is mine is also a little harsher in first gear shall i say harder to manouver, theirs had higher handlebars and i was struggling in the first 1/2 hour. I was very used to mine and got so frustrated and sore i sat out for a good five minutes. But I got used to it, relaxed heaps --they drum it into your ear :LOL: :LOL:

    If your worried about your own bike, but didn't have any hesitations with your L's on their bike, then go with your instincts, and use theirs. This way you'll be more comfortable and will actually be able to concentrate more on the extra skills you'll learn. As when you get back to riding your own bike and learning how it handles you'll find it gets easier.
    In the past couple of weeks I've been getting out there to the open carparks/ lots and practising the slow turns, emergency stops and such. For me I thought yeah my A to B's are getting there but i really needed that extra alone time with the bike, finding the stalling points, u-turns(uurrghhh still hate em).. you do get there

    Out on the road i was finding slow speed turns a little uncomfortable
    , during the P's training I was leaning their bike like I have never before. Almost to peg scraping "YAY",
    Just my thoughts ....
  10. my advice is to take your bike to a carpark and practice until you can do perfect slow maneouvering (riding the clutch if you have to)... the test is pretty much the same stuff you do on the road so you shouldnt find it too hard...

    I managed to pass the slow-ride in second gear :p
  11. yeah I might dedicate tommorrow to be a bike day I'll get my rear tyre replaced and go for a good ride in a quite lot.
  12. i'm of the opinion that if you cant do it on your own bike, you should learn :wink:

    its basically a matter of getting used to the clutch control properly and learning to commit to a line rather than correcting halfway through. its not skills you'll learn straight away, but all the ppls i know that did it on sportsbikes got better scores than those on the 'easier' to ride bikes. i was going to do it on their bikes but was overwhelmed with a sense of confidence when i saw how easy the test was so i used my own.

    but like a few others have said, you've still got tonnes of time to learn this stuff and you'd be suprised just how quickly it comes to you with a bit of practice. having said that tho, you really want to get your Ps as soon as you can so if youre really not confident when the time comes, then jump on a traily :D