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Next PMCC Race School and fun day.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Garfield, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. For those that are asking and want to try road racing, it will be held at Broadford on Saturday November 29th, and open to all.

  2. I reccomend this school, to anyone who is thinking of going RoadRacing.

    Racing is totally different to Road Riding. There is a lot to learn. The Preston Club School will give you a good start.

    No, I am not a member of this club.
  3. You should join up Roger, I hear it's a beaut club.
  4. I've always wanted to race motorbikes, but heard that it's really dangerous. Is that so?
  5. Yeh, have heard at PMCC events, that they have sharks with great big teeth on every corner and they do not feed the sharks for at least two weeks before a race school.
  6. I'm a member of Preston, I'm usually instructing at these events, I'll teach stuff that the Superbike School don't even know!

    Seriously, these events are a safe, low cost way to get some experience if anyone is interested in racing (or even just doing track days).
  7. The road riders who do the school say that they get a lot out of it and really enjoy the atmosphere. Seems to especially suit the folk who have done track days.
  8. I've heard that it can result in injury or even worse to you and your property. :grin:

    I love riders briefings. :)

    Sorry, threadjack over.
  9. Sounds pretty interesting, can anyone come along?
    Do you need a race license or will a road license be enough?
  10. Ian, It is run as a club event. If you are a PMCC member, the cost will be round about $120 for the day and non club members about $160'ish
    This gives you participation in the race school for the day, with track and classroom time with our experienced senior riders. (The groups are small, 5 to 8 people) 12 months membership to PMCC and a one day track licence. (You have to be a PMCC club member for insurance and it means if you do the next one the cost is at club members rates.)

    What the participant's need is a road worthy bike with decent tyres, top and bottom leathers, back protector, a race worthy helmet and a current ambulance subscription.


    PS, if you have a current race licence, the cost is less $45.00
  11. Cejay, Motorcycle racing is nowhere near as dangerous as Lawn Bowls.
    Many more people die there, than on Racetracks.
  12. Thanks Mr MV. Now I know the relative dangers and being someone who loves life endangering pursuits I have just joined the local bowls club.
  13. Good news. Be sure to display your white hat, on the rear parcel shelf of your car.
  14. Cejay, believe one of the gun instructors at the PMCC race school has tried his hand at lawn bowls and is pretty good at it too. Perhaps he could have a special class in the art of lawn bowling, just for you.