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Next naked bike after a first bike?

Discussion in 'Naked' started by JimmyTrousers, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Hi team, I hope everyone is well,

    I don't really know anything about anything when it comes to motorcycling so most of my decisions are based on what I read in forums like NetRider and also conversations I have with friends who are riders. So I figured I could anonymously ask stupid questions on here without anyone ever seeing my face. Well played, me.

    I am currently on a CB400 which is great, but I expect that in the next year or two I would like to upgrade to something that handles highway riding a little better but will still be used primarily for commuting. I really like the style of naked bikes so if you had any suggestions for a next level second-hand ride, that would be very useful (I don't think I'd buy a new bike just yet).

    My second question is this: why do more people not ride Ducati Monster 659's or 696's? The reason I ask that is because in my random readings, they seem to review really well, aren't terribly expensive to buy second hand, and seem to be well positioned between beginner bikes and demon bikes. Is it because they are expensive to run, don't offer value for money for what they are, or is it that having a Ducati is a personality/statement thing (like owning a Harley)? I don't seem to see many around and thought they'd be more popular.

    Anyways, thanks team. Have a nice day.
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  2. If you're in no rush, get out there and test ride them all! :D

    If there's anything I've learned in the last six months, bikes are so emotive and personal, better is a relative term!
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  3. I have a 659 as my RE bike - is a beauty and has been bullet proof. Sounds gorgeous, handles highways with aplomb, has reached the $2.00 mark although a little shaky above $1.80, service cost is reasonable. It is the most expensive LAMS bike one can buy though and many people go for a cheaper, smaller cc bike thinking it wont hurt so much if they drop it. I'm glad I went with the big bike. She does a reasonable job keeping up with bigger bikes and is fairly well equipped for this class of bike. Am conflicted now whether to trade her in when upgrade to a big boys bike in a few months or keep her as a second bike as I spent a bit upgrading her. Also, is the simplest bike to derestrict on the sly.
  4. So let's say on a budget of about $9,000 odd, and with a view to pick up something a couple of years old, what options would you guys suggest investigating?
  5. I was going to suggest a Harley Roadster, but that looks like it is outside your budget, and also somehow a personality choice. Still, someone else reading this might like the idea of them.
  6. Well, to my previous point, I love my trumph Street triple 660. Similar to caffeine monster - it's got plenty of power and is possibly a bike I'll keep past the end of my RE. Or maybe sell it to you!
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  7. I have not had a ride on the new CB 400 but if it is half as good as the old CB 400, what a fun bike. But that is not what you are asking. I am old and would go with a VFR 800. You will not kill it and does everthing well.
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  9. $9000 budget, only 1 option. 2010 + Kawasaki z1000
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  10. Hi team, thanks for the responses. Very helpful. What about with regards to the Ducati question (re why more people dont ride Ducati Monster 659's or 696's). They review quite well but I don't see many of them on the road. Is it because they are expensive to run, don't offer value for money for what they are, or is it that having a Ducati is a personality/statement thing (like owning a Harley)?
  11. Lols, I'll take it! Where do I post the cheque?
  12. They're around, but fact is Japanese manufactures dominate the market and the monster is considered expensive by many people, especially as a LAMS bike. Many people think to start with a cheap bike then upgrade when get unrestricted licence. Most people that will go for a monster, Striple 660, MT-07 generally are a bit older in stronger financial position. My monster not expensive to run, maintain or insure compared to other bikes.
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  13. I'll take your money now and we can talk in 3yrs when I get off my RE! ;)
  14. More than reasonable. I will print out some $50's and send them off tomorrow.
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  15. Xsr900 not biased at all.
  16. The monster scared me a bit. The CB400 blends in at uni more and it doesn't feel like such a crime to scratch a Honda.
  17. Have been looking into these recently for next bike - looks like a fun machine. Not seen any 60th anniversary edition models for sale in Oz though
  18. Wife had a 696 and loves it, and she had a Ninja 300 and CB400 before. Really feels this one is the bike for her. Question of what you like I guess, it's certainly grunts and sounds awesome.

    Or as a rougher, try an Aprilia Shiver 750, you may be surprised how good these are.

    Main point though, go ride everything, you may be surprised!
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  19. [NSW] - 2012 Kawasaki Z1000
    You won't regret it!
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  20. I've had a 659 for a year now and love it. Cost so far was the 1000km service which was $350 but will upgrade in November when unrestricted just for more power for long country rides which I intend to do more of