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Next learner bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Brodie440, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, currently own a cb125 and looking to upgrade to a more powerful LAMS bike as I am craving more power and have gained more experience.
    Was looking at either the R15 or a cbr250, looking for a sporty bike as cruisers aren't really my thing.
    Would like advice on bike choice and what comes with riding a bigger bike and if it'll be a much bigger learning curve for me since I've only ever ridden my 125.
    Thanks guys.

  2. I cut my teeth on a cb400 (well, still cutting teeth, engine under me is just a bit bigger now) but I've since ridden a few learner bikes and the cb400 was the most comfortable, best sounding and fastest lams bike I got on. Never rode an RVF400 but I sat on one the other day and if I had to do lams again I'd steer that that way, just love the retro sports look in that tiny package.

    Anyway cb400 can be had for reasonable price these days and are Honda reliable, and a dream to ride. Ive got a thousand now and still smile like an idiot when I get on the little 400/4. I've heard a few with yoshi cans and a couple of blueflames (the stainless oval with twin port looks so sweet), ixil is pretty popular too, but I just drilled the baffle out of mine (grand total $0.00) and it sounds so mean. Little screamer...
  3. Hi Brodie440Brodie440 I started on a CB125 thinking it would do and it was a great bike to learn on, but after two months I was really frustrated. Not sure how you feel about naked bikes, but I went a VTR250 and have been on it since April last year. Forgiving, easy to maneuver and have a little fun on. I'm short so there was really nothing else I could ride at the time. It makes a great tourer as well as commuter. To begin with it felt like a huge power leap from the 125, and it's only just now that I'm thinking about upgrading. But as it's such a great commuter, I'll stick with it until after next summer I think and then think about upgrading to what ever I can reach the ground on....which is not much :happy: How tall are you?
  4. Stepping up from a 125 to a 250 may not be enough.
    As GoldenberriGoldenberri indicated, what will feel like a significant power jump may quickly become same-same (I'm paraphrasing)

    I went from an asthmatic 250 to a LAMS 500 and became bored after 6 months. 11 months on, I upsized again.
    Now on a full power 650 and very content to stick with it, to hone my skills.
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  5. Yeah I'm just looking for a sporty bike to hop onto so I can be satisfied with the amount of power I'm getting and not feel underwhelmed while over taking or free way riding. The LAMS bikes seem to be limited in terms of variety but yeah it's primarily for commuting and all round riding so I just need something to get me on my feet with a little power behind me.
  6. Try a Duke 390
  7. I really like the look of the duke, dream bike is a super duke or hyper motard so this might be the place to start for me.
  8. If you're looking at a Cbr 250r take a look at the Yamaha R3, great little bike and has a decent amount of power for its size. However if you're more into the naked style take a look at the VTR 250, great little bike. I've had mine for the past year and a half and I can't fault it, really easy to work and customize too. ​
  9. I'm more into the sportier bikes and intend to get into them so I want something nice and sporty looking. I didn't think the R3's were learner legal, that may just be the way to go if not the duke.
  10. They're definitely legal, only has a 320cc parallel twin engine.
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  11. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? :hungry:

  12. is that a cb400?
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  13. ^Yep

    I think you would get bored of a 250 quickly aswell.
    Something around the 400-500 mark would make a sensible upgrade.

    From here it all comes down to how much money you have to spend, style and height!
    A GS500/F makes an affordable reliable commuter and has a predictable power band
  14. I'm going to invest in bike finance for my upgrade so price isn't really that big of an issue for me. I just need something big enough for me to handle yet not get bored of. The duke 390 looks promising as does the R3.
  15. Just sit on the bikes, possibly take them for a test ride and crunch the numbers on comprehensive insurance and maintenance.
    Many riders convince themselves on bikes and backflip on the idea when they actually ride the things

    The reality is you will get bored of any bike if your commuting on it every day be it a 250 or 1L.
  16. Cb400 will blow the shit out of an r3, never ridden a duke so can't say but cb400 for days... Just do it, you will never, EVER be upset with a 4cyl Honda...
  17. And Nicholai_ChevNicholai_Chev is right, 24000km service on small vtec engine includes valve clearance check, it can be around $7-800 if you're not chummy with your mechanic. CB400 won't let you down ever though. I seriously can't speak more highly of them
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  18. Will it have the exact same feel as my cb125 except with some added kick?
  19. The CB125 and 400 are the only two motorbikes I've ever ridden. The switchgear is an identical layout, the seating position is really similar, your arms just extend a little further on the 400 I think. The weight difference is definitely noticeable, and it feels higher up on the 400. Unlike the 125, no centre stand or gear indicator (unless post 2014 for the indicator) on the 400, but more of everything else. "Some added kick" over the 125 would be putting it mildly :woot:
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  20. Both bikes have an upright posture and naked frame,
    Your 125e weighs close to 140kg and makes 10HP on a good day
    The CB400 is a substantial upgrade and weighing closer to 200kg and has a 4 cylinder watercooled engine making 50HP the last time I checked

    Its a little more then just "some added kick" and is a serious bike which in the right hands will take on most things on the road.