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Next course up from P's?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Teamsherman, May 3, 2013.

  1. Hi folks,

    Im wanting to do an Advanced riding course that follows on from the P's course.

    Ive recently gone from my P's to my unrestricted but want to do the next course up so i can have someone go over my riding and possibly get me out of any bad habits they may say I have and i want to be able to hone my roadcraft to suit the new bike im on.

    Ive gone from a VTR250 to a 2003 Kawasaki Z1000.

    Id like to do it in the Sydney area.

    Here is a what was and now what is!

    Cheers in advance!

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  3. Anyone done the intermediate course??
  4. I recently did the intermediate. It covers cornering - countersteering, body position, line etc. The format is they cover 1 skill at a time with a briefing, then you go on the track to practice, with feedback as you go. Then they add the next skill and go out and practice that.

    I found it worthwhile to consolidate what I've been practising by myself on my Ps. And loads of fun.
  5. Awesome!

    I'll try and get one done pretty soon then.
  6. Yup, definitely worthwhile doing the intermediate. I'm on my P's for another 4 months and I found it so good I think I'll do it again, since I can do the advanced till i'm off restrictions.

    I haven't gotten to do a track day at Eastern Creek yet, but this is the next best thing. You don't need to worry about oncoming traffic and you can go full throttle doing stuff that you wouldn't dare on the streets, and for only $149 for a half day, it's well worth it!
  7. $149?? It says $249 on the site!! Ill try and sweet talk them down!! Lol
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  9. Was it on a track or car park???
  10. HART St. Ives is a closed track, it is the old Police training track.

    I can also recommend the handling dynamics course - I did it a few years ago at HART St. Ives.
  11. Awesome thanks folks! Ill look into the HART one I think.
  12. Have you watched "Twist of the Wrist 2" or read the book? Also MotoVudu is a great book/DVD.

    p.s. how much did you sell the VTR250 for?
  13. 2 Thumbs Up for Twist of the Wrist 2 DVD or Book.

    It's by Keith Code who started the California Superbike School now taught here in Auz too.

    I'll need to check out that MotoVudu. Haven't heard about that one yet.
  14. $4500 on the dot.
  15. +1 for HART, great instructors up there, the Stay Upright course is also supposed to be worthwhile.
  16. HART handling dynamics and then a month later do advanced . I got a bit out of handling dynamics but took a while to absorb the info and start putting it in to practice which is why I reckon give it a month break between them. After doing the 8 hour advanced day my riding changed completely, seriously good course if you want to expand your skills. Very good if you want to ride harder on the road as they techniques are quite road oriented (still transfers to the track). The braking while cornering techniques kept me upright at least once that I can think of.
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  17. I thought the "closed" track at St Ives sets a 80kph limit. Not condoning you doing the H&D course but don't give people the idea that it's just like a track day.
  18. Yeah its not really enforced. Exact words when I turned up there
    "so basically yeah as long as you don't go down the straight doing 174kph its fine"
    "So 173 is ok right?"
  19. ^^This

    As long as you're riding safely, they're not going to enforce the 80kph limit.

    Even my instructor advised it's alright to pass if you need to (again, as long as you can do it safely).

    Also, it's not like it's a full size track so you'll obviously not get to track like speeds, and there are a couple of really tight turns keeping your speed in check.

    The closed track is actually suppose to replicate the road environment, not a track environment, so you'll be able to test your limits with out the fear of oncoming traffic, etc. It's fun to see how fast you can do your turns without passing the centre line which obviously you wouldn't try out on the real roads.

    It's definitely not a track day, but it's as good or fun as one if you can't actually make it out to a track day. In fact, after doing it, it will make you want to go out and do a real track day. It did for me anyways.