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Next Broadford come try/race school May 15

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Details coming soon :)

  2. That's so far away, anything sooner?
  3. ...and Road Riders welcome again? I'm not ready yet for 6's and 1k's four+ abreast around a corner with me sandwiched between them and the straight :D

  4. No, not at Broadford
  5. There should be a gentle road ride session again, but you are still out there with 600's & 1000's; there is no passing in the corners and if passing down the straight you have to be on the other side of the track. There were a few male & female 250 L platers last time and they absolutely loved the day.
  6. depending on work i might finally decide to try one of these :)
  7. Book Shaun in ! yay!
  8. elsewhere??
  9. Magic, thanks JO :)

    I still grin when I think of the last day up there at Broadford. It was fantastic, especially for newbies to the track. Great way to become acclimatised.

  10. Thanks JohnnyO, that heaps of notice. I will try my very best to get to this one.:grin:
  11. Can't wait =D>
  12. hmm these sound great and everyone that went said it was awesome... i really need to find some leathers so i can come.

    Anyone know of leathers for the robust man store or something similar :p
  13. I should be able to make it there for this one...since Interclub round 2 is the following day. Might have a practice or just give a helping hand...depends on my bank account. So JO, if you need someone to give you a hand, I'm happy to help.
  14. check out classifieds, xxl leathers 2 piece zippable set.
  15. Looking forward to this. Might even get the Pomy Boy out on the track again](*,)
  16. Shambles and I will be at this one!:D
  17. I'm in try to get my leather pan before then.
  18. Do i book with Broadford track or do i book with Preston Johnny?
  19. what speeds are people in the groups hitting down the straights? my bike will only pull around 160 :(
  20. How do you register for these?