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Next Brisbane ride?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Mikethebike, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. Hey Sports Fans,

    Are there any forcast rides around sunny SEQ? I ride a GXS 1400 and have a few friends who like the twisty bits. :twisted:

    Mark & Kim[/b]

  2. Theres always rides happening in bris most weekends, l have sent you a private message with some info ok

  3. This forum is dead as far as riding in brisbane goes. Might be a tad too much reality for some but no one rides from here from what I've seen other than at night for some reason. Try the OCAU.mc forums. They ride at least every weekend.
  4. Welcome Mike....

    Interesting how you've only posted once, and seem to have a warning already! Well done! :)
  5. Not ... very little effort really.

    Some mutt was slaging off at the Hayabusa ... I couldn't help my self.
  6. Hi Mike I also ride a GSX1400.... Only real men like us can ride bikes of this sort..... 8)
  7. I gave mike the link a few weeks back, did you join yet mike??
  8. Hi Guys

    Yep, I joined overclockers - been a little busy for rides the past few weeks :cry:
    We'll be joining you as soon as possible.
    And yes the 1400 is a wierd bike after being on a Bussa.
    No wrist/hand pain ... you ride with a straight back and belive it or not, they actually handle!

    The best bit is the raw grunt off the lights. No farting around with revs and clutch tickle. Just open her up and zooom. :p

    Can't help but feel a little guilty though ... riding bikes was supposed to be uncomfortable!

  9. You might have no probs at the lights but when 250kg fully wet bike enters a corner you're gonna know about it..lol. But they sure look sweet!
  10. Um Andy does :twisted: I ride with him every weekend and trust me he does ....that bike rocks and Andy isn't bad himself LOL

    Lisa :twisted:
  11. All r1's rock!!!......and yes your 100% right there Lisa...even if he does ride it on 1 wheel :shock:

    Go you good thing!!!!! :twisted: :twisted:
  12. Haha, you guys crack me up... Yeah Andy will ride his R1 to the limits.. I've seen enough of his back tyre to know ;) Can't wait to get one myself.. doh!

  13. wat do you mean bout that?
  14. I think Andy means that there aren't that many brissie riders in here

    Lisa :twisted:
  15. well you being a brissy girl,
    where do brissie riders hang out or ride to?