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Next bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by vitamin_dave, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. Just wanted to get some opinions on good second bikes if you're progressing from a 250 bike. I'm looking at being able to travel distances like Canberra to Sydney on a monthly basis, something that can get over mountains and is a comfortable ride in the upright position. Also looking to enjoy riding scenic country roads on the weekends. What sort of bike should I be aiming to look at based on this info?

    ANy comments would be appreciated
  2. Perhaps a GS500 Suzuki twin or a Kawasaki ER500 twin or a Suzuki SV650 V-Twin or a Kawasaki Z750 in line 4.... or or or... bit hard when we don't know what sorts or styles of bikes you like.
  3. Cruisers come to mind to take care of the comfortable riding position, and can be a lot of fun through the twisties. A bike with a fairing definitely helps take some of the fatigue out of constant 100kph+ riding; there are a few out there with fairings and decent riding positions. Fairings are wonderful in the wet too, keep the legs drier and less cold, and the screen can be a godsend in any conditions.

    A balance between a cruisers and a sports tourer riding position would be ideal on long rides. Too upright on a bike and your bum goes to sleep quicksmart (and lower back can have issues), too low and forward a riding position can be painful through the wrists and the shoulders.

    Sounds like you don't want a huge bike coming straight off a 250, starting off at 500cc plus sounds like a good idea. Visit any of the manufacturers web sites for some ideas too...

    I reckon a good sports tourer is just the right thing for you, remember that you can get raising kits for the clip on hadle bars to give you a more upright position, and you get fairings and a screen too.
  4. have a look at the thundercat. fairly large feeling 600 with a great midrange. the faring is pretty big so gives you tons of wind protection, seat is one of the comfiest i've ever sat on, clipons are quite high so its not a totally racy position but its still buckets of fun to hammer around the twisties on.

    of all the bikes i've seen/ridden i reckon this has to be the best compromise from all angles. its the bike that came out just before the R6 but they still make it cos they're still a very popular bike all around the world. i dont think anything bu paint has been changed since its release in 96 so they must have done a decent job back then. have a look at www.yzf600r.com and let them talk you into it 8)