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Next bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by UncannyMan, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. I have been thinking about my next bike. Still a couple months away before i get serious about it when i am able to come off my "p" plates. Because i am an older rider i only have to spend 1 year on the red "p's" before i go to a full license. i am still quite inexperienced however i get better and more confident with every ride. I started my riding off with a Honda cb125e and i am now riding a Honda cbr250r. Thinking of my next bike, one thought is the Honda cbr500r because i like the similar style and fit of my current bike, so maybe the cbr500r next however i might after a short time want more power? My other thought is cbr600r but not sure how comfortable this bike is, i suppose i would have to test ride one, once i get my full license. I am a fan of Honda's.
    Any thoughts on next bikes??

  2. The 600 is more leant over than the 500 from memory. A slightly more aggressive stance. A lot more power too. Have a look at their 650 - or the VFR800. I like the VFR's.
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  3. How much $ u got ?
  4. Ya good point, $ do dictate, but i do want a good bike. I will be buying second hand and thinking about 8 grand max.
  5. SoyajamSoyajam has a 600rr from memory. They are beautiful bikes but its massive power increase compared to what you're on...

    I did same thing as you, got an L's permit when I was 28 and am 30 now, I was looking for a stepping stone bike but found a cheap 1000cc v twin that I loved so just bought that. The power is fine if you trust yourself to not do anything you shouldn't... I've had a couple of hairy moments and it has really made me think twice before squirting the throttle since then. So easy to make a stupid mistake on such a powerful bike - just keep your wits about you and you'll be fine. It's nice to have a bike that feels a bit too powerful and then to slowly get the hang of it, then one day you realise the throttle goes around further if you reposition your hand, and there's another learning curve available now. I honestly haven't put the throttle to stop on my firestorm more than a handful of times. Never get bored tho.

    You better sit on the 600 though, it's a very race orientated seat position compared to your CB
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  6. thanks for advice, i appreciate it.
  7. The question is UncannyManUncannyMan , how much more power do you want/need?

    Never owned a supersport, so can't comment a 600cc, but IMHO torque is king for everyday riding.

    The VFR800 is a brilliant bike and comes alive in high revs when the VTEC kicks in, so deserves the following it's got over the years.
    Plus, it's apparently a brilliant all rounder, possibly with the exception of unsealed roads in poor condition.

    Fits a multitude of riders, has a slightly forward lean position and sounds awesome.

    Enjoy shopping, when the time comes. BTW, the VFR800X (Crossrunner) is a newish evolution of the same bike.

    Sh.t, I think I've just talked myself into one...:eek:
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  8. If you feel confident then get something with a little extra go, but you'll definitely need to sit on them to determine if you like the ride position. If you end up at a bike shop that sells bikes other than Honda's then at least go sit on similar bikes of a different make, you never know, another brand might feel more natural.
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  9. Go for Gold - get an MV Agusta F4 1000
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  10. Let's be honest GeorgeOGeorgeO, nobody really needs the power of a 1000cc sportsbike, but I really like the infinite torque of a litre v twin, the sound they make is just something else altogether it's like the V8 of motorcycles, and the shit eating grin I wear when I'm hurtling down the freeway on-ramp into a 110 zone with nothing in front of me is irreplaceable...

    If you are smart enough to just ride a bit slower than you think you can, you'll be fine.
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  11. If you could go a up a grand or so more have a look at one of these: 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS for sale
    Upright riding position like the Cbr300 500 superbike looks and as much power as you will ever need as well quality suspension and brakes which is where the Cbr500 isn't nearly as good
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  12. Thought I'd put in my 2c since Steve VtecSteve Vtec summoned me :D

    I went from a Ninja 250 to CBR I have now, and it was a jump - yes. I eased into it real slow, and rode it regularly for 2-3 months before selling the 250.
    If you want a comfortable, relaxed bike - then a super-sport is probably not for you.

    I love the sound a super-sport makes, and I love how they look - enough for me to forgive the sore wrists I get when I've been riding for a few hours (and looking like an idiot trying to waddle it into a parking spot on my tip-toes)

    As for wanting more power - if it's any help, I actually stayed on my 250 for a good year or two after getting my 'fulls' - although I was considering it, I didn't seriously start looking for an upgrade until I felt "the ceiling" - that is, the moments you wished you had that extra gear, or that you wanted your bike to be a touch more responsive. By the time I wanted all that stuff, I was experienced enough at riding to know what I wanted in my next bike. But it turned out I was quite happy on the 250 for quite a while after getting my unrestricted licence and all that extra time just counted as more riding experience anyway.

    If you were to ask my BF (who was also my mentor) what you just asked us, he'd recommend a small jump in CC over a big jump every time. And having followed his advice, I would tend to agree myself. Noddy (the bike) has MORE than enough power, and sound, and looks for me right now.
    If I decide in 5 years I want to go up, at least I'd have had 5 years experience riding a super-sport beforehand, right?
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  13. If you want the CBR500R why wait for your full license?..its LAMS approved. Which also means you may find your self wanting more power quite soon.
    Oh BTW I'm looking at the VFR800 when the time comes(y)
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  14. I know you have a preference for Honda, but when I was in the market for a new bike I test rode the VFR800 and the Cross Runner. I didn't like the way the VTEC engine had a sudden burst of power when you hit 6000 rpm. Also the Cross runner tried to throw me off when I hit a mid corner bump. The exact same bump with the Z1000 was simply soaked up by the suspension and glided over it. Also the power delivery of the Z1000 is much smoother and more even than the VFR and the Z1000 is about 20kg lighter than the VFR800.
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  15. then a V4 is like two V8's :)

    if you're going Italian don't mess around with an MV, get a Tuono :angelic:
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  16. What kind of riding do you do? Utility, sport, recreation, all of the above?
    What kind of rider are you? Sedate, technically focused, aggressive? A mixture?

    Don't let engine CC be the deciding factor - if anything, remove this from the equation all together.
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  17. So asking advice on a motorcycle forum is always fraught with danger. Everyone here will give you their honest opinion based on what they like and some (like SoyajamSoyajam ) will give you some really great and 'wise' advice.

    The key to happiness is to understand what YOU want. What sort of riding do you like to do or would you like to start doing? This all effects bike type and cc. as BitSarBitSar has also pointed out.

    If you can control yourself there's no reason why you should be afraid of upgrading to a more powerful bike.The basics of riding remains the same,the throttle still controls speed.

    Have fun figuring this riding thing out. And then buy the bike that gives you that tingly feeling whenever you see it
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  18. What you say makes a lot of sense. Its easy to be in a rush to jump up in size bike. I like what you did, wait a bit longer, gain more experience and be really ready for the more powerful bike. I will take your advice on board. thanks
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  19. I may do this.
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