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Next bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by thegutterpoet, Nov 27, 2014.

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    My haggard but beloved 99' r6 was pinched earlier this week and already I am hateful of life without a two wheeled beast.

    After the rage and grief subsided I began hunting for a new bike. At first I was fixated on a cbr1000rr, but then hesitated and it was snapped up by another. My hesitation was focused on my love of the weight and agility of the 600s I have ridden and also the heavy focus on riding in the city and around the western suburbs. Do I really need a litre super sports? I am not convinced.

    With my price bracket topped at 7000 I have found a 2005 honda cbr600rr, with 28k on the clock, roadworthy, registration for the next 6 months, a recent service for the following -
    pirelli rear tyre(2000kms), new DID 525 gold chain, JT sprockets, new battery top quality, new battery charger (200$), motul engine oil, rear brake pads.

    Also a jardine twin outlet exhaust (stock also supplied) along with various receipts for services.

    I am locked in for a test ride this saturday and very keen indeed.

    The 99 cbr600f I owned in england was a phenomenal bike, lacking the savage nature of the r6, but extremely reliable and lots of fun. Considering the r6 I owned had nearly 70k on the clock, the engine was losing compression and it may well have been raced before I owned it, will the 05 cbr600rr feel like a major upgrade?

    I am in a dispute of sorts with Swann insurance, which I need not go into detail about. I would however appreciate any advice of other major bike insurers in Victoria.

    Any guidance is welcome,
  2. Dogs......thieves make my skin crawl....

    I'm also a Swann customer - never had to claim so can't comment on alternatives - I'd be interested to hear of the dispute.....

    Not having ridden an R6 but spent decent time on an R1 and ridden (not to any level or proficiency) a CBR600RR - Of the R1('09) and the CBR600RR('11) I would personally take the CBR600RR....

    For two reasons....

    1 - It makes you work harder (I like that)
    2 - It comes "alive" at more controllable speeds.....

    My 2C
  3. For $7k you should be able to get onto an 07 onward model. Better midrange and a fair bit lighter
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  4. I think 7k is too much for that bike. Have u ridden many 1000cc bikes ? The low down torque of the 1000 is why I bought one. Easier to ride and u don't have to rev them as much as a 600.
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    There's a clean 07 with 24k's on BSales for $6.4K. By the time you do a deal you'll bring it in well under budget.
    Or an 09 in QLD for $8.4 with 8K's on it.

    I'd push the boat out and ride the 09 home at that money.
  6. Yep as above, 7k is way to much for an 05 600RR.

    I sold my 06 in 2009 for 9500. There is an 07 600RR for sale in Tas atm for $5800, and we're usually more expensive.
  7. many thanks for all your responses, chaps...I just heard that the seller has decided to sell to his mate, so am now focused on another for tomorrow, which I will try to post in the right area.
  8. Finally, after just missing out on a cbr600rr I have worked diligently through the local adverts on various mediums, and arranged a test ride on a 2007 gsxr 600 tomorrow. It seems stock in all ways, has just under 11k on the clock, comes with 6 months rego and a roadworthy. Asking price is 6800.

    My brother in law has ridden several gsxr600s and ranks them as more fun to ride than all other bikes he has owned (fireblade and r1) and will accompany me for the test ride and inspection tomorrow.

    Is it fair to assume that it should feel much more spritely than my haggard 99' r6 with compression leakage in the engine which was pinched by some vermin recently?

    I am assuming that the technology in 8 years would be very apparent in the design and feel of the gsxr?

    A few litre capacity offerings take my fancy, but I am likely to want the first bike I ride after these last 5 days of miserable public transport! And the gsxr is first on my list.

    What can and should I expect to find? and what seems a solid price to aim for?
  9. I paid $10000 from a dealer for my 2010 gsxr750 with 8000km on the clock as a reference for you. About 4 months ago.

    The 2007 was in previous model years. Then it went from 2008-2010 then 2011- current in regards to updates etc.

    my biggest gripe with the bike is the weakness of the bolt heads and the paint thickness. Everything else I'm pretty wrapped with.

    When I looked at mine I looked at a few 600s only a year or so old and they were Going for low 10-11k with under 5000km.

    11k is very low for 2007 anyway. Hardly ridden. I've done 3000km in a few months lol even that's low.

    Just check usual stuff. Fork seals brakes, engine marks etc. General cleanliness. just make sure it got the 6000km service. It's due for another now so be aware of that if it hasn't been done. Tyres etc

    At least the 2007 is easier to mod the exhaust if you plan on it.

    Good luck whatever you choose
  10. cheers, mate! I ended up opting, after giving a deposit for the gsxr and now fighting to get any of it back, for a 07 r6...