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Next Bike...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by IcarusDragonmaw, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Quick question to you Netriders...
    Looking at updating my bike and just want some feedback on what i should upgrade to.
    Would like to have a sports tourer as i like doing long distance with some twisties.
    So far i have for consideration are:
    Honda VFR 800
    Suzuki GSX1250FA
    Kawasaki Versys 1000

    What other bikes should i be looking at?
    Currently ride a GSX650F
  2. For you Vstrom 1000. Make a better router than all of them and will still be capable to scratch about the hills
  3. The GSX1250FA is like the big brother of what you've got, not a bad choice by any means. Yamaha FJ1300 if you want a smooth big tourer with sportiness, same only different.
  4. Ninja 1000 perhaps?
  5. What is it about the GSX-650F that is prompting you to upgrade? It may help in recommending an upgrade...
  6. 2nd the ninja 1000 , it would kill all those bikes u mentioned
  7. Its a LAMS model unfortunatly
  8. BMW F800, Ninja 1000 and Triumph Sprint ST would be top of my list to test ride if I could afford a new sports tourer. Which I can't.
  9. Versys 1000 would fo a great job
  10. Definitely have a look at the Bandit, and also older models of the same. Great engines that are powerful and long lived. Grin machines.

    Ninja 1000's get great reviews, the VFR's get universal appraise... also have a look at some stuff you might not expect - cruisers, sport bikes etc.

    I'd give a nod to the post 2000 VTR1000F's as well - I find them great fun to ride with loads of torque everywhere and fairly comfortable too. I say post 2000 models because earlier ones have a pitifully small 16.5L tank, changed to 19L later on.

    Cheers - boingk
  11. The Versys 1000 is totally fine for me. I'm only 175cmm tall but the bike is easy to handle and a joy to ride. I'm into touring and the ease at which this bike pulls has really impressed me. To anyone who is looking for one "If it fits, wear it" you will not be disappointed. It is also good value for money and no fancy electronics to go wrong.
  12. I went the Triumph Sprint 1050 St over the VFR800. You can find some around at amazing value for money too with hard luggage thrown in. They are a bit of a dark horse really. Have a look at one.

    I'd go the Ninja 1000 over the Versys 1000. The Ninja 1000 is very upright for a tourer and was too upright for my tastes or I probably would of bought one. Get on one and see how you like it.

    Edit: OzzieJohnOzzieJohn just realised that you dug this thread out from the dead. I'm sure his mind is made up by now :p