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Next bike question

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Kalkadar, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Next weekend I'll graduate to my open license, I'm doing the QRide on the day I become eligible :angelic:.

    As much as I enjoy the CB400, and I certainly don't ride it to it's limits, I am looking to upgrade to something a little larger and more comfortable. I'm 6ft about 110kgs (ex rugby prop), I ride most days (commuting) and weekends. I don't carve up roads but I do like a bike that holds a line well and drives out of corners (so a V Twin really). I probably prefer naked bikes but with the commuting a fairing is probably a better options. With a little one on the way I won't be doing rides longer than about 4 hours for a while (6 years at a guess).

    Obviously I'll be test riding what I can and I have ridden a few mates bikes, sat on everything. Being in Cairns test ride options are a little limited.

    Lastly (again with the little one arriving soon) my budget is around 10k - 12k. I'm chasing some opinions on the following bikes (which I think fit my needs): -

    New Bikes
    • CB(R)650F(R); I like Honda's (shame) and it should be a reliable bike. I find the bike large enough to be comfortable, not sure about another i4
    • Z800; A bit more exciting than the CB650 and something I've read good thins about. I am aware of the weight but it isn't a huge issue given my size.
    • DL650 Vstrom; I can flat foot it, haven't ridden it but it seems to be a good option and is a V Twin
    • MT09; I've ridden it and I don't really enjoy with stock suspension. The arse squats and the front is poorly controlled over rough roads (we have plenty).
    • Ninja650; On this list because it's a twin, seems ok comfort wise and while cheap the suspension doesn't pogo me into the woods.
    • Shiver, DL1000, Tiger 800 and VFR800 discounted due to price (around 15k on the road) or no local dealer and price.
    I can test the CBR650, Z800 and MT09 locally and will. I'm looking at demos as well but they would mostly be outside of Cairns.

    Second Hand
    • Second hand means buying something from outside of Cairns.
    • VFR800; A bike I've always liked and thought about owning one since the VFR750. Prices vary but from 6k to 10k will get bikes from 2004/5, 50,000k to 2012, 28,000k.
    • CBR1100XX; Another bike I've always liked although probably a bit much unless I'm doing more kilometres. Priced between 6 and 8k.
    I'm leaning towards either the VFR800 or the DL 650. If I go with the VFR800 I'd aim for the older bikes and leave more for the family.

    Thoughts? Opinions? you went to sleep half way and didn't make it this far?

    I would really appreciate people's experiences with any of these bikes to add to the deliberations.
  2. Firstly, it may be worth a day trip to Brisbane armed with a list of second hand bikes to look at. The money you lose on a new bike would probably cover the trip and some. That's the practicality issue, as far as the bike is concerned, everyone will have a different opinion and it depends on how you feel about them when you ride them.
    Having said that, if you go the distance and look at lots you may very well see something that you can't do without, that makes it easier.
    Out of the 2 you mentioned though, the VFR would be my choice. Whatever you choose, can I ride it to Port Douglas and back to test it for you?
  3. If your thinking about the z800 ride a z1000 as well. Unreal bike. So much low down torque, so easy to ride.
  4. The only bike that you mention that I can make sensible comment about is the VFR800.

    Before I retired from work, I really fancied one of them, and took one for a test ride.

    It was a warmish day in Sydney, and, in traffic, I felt I was being cooked.

    While the traffic isn't as silly in Cairns, I'd guess there are more warmish days....

    In all other respects, it was a lovely bike, but it was definitely too hot for me to use as a commuter machine. :-(
  5. That said, there are ways of dealing with the VFR's passion for directing all its hot air directly to the rider.
    As a VFR-750 rider, I do think that for all-round riding, the series is hard to beat...
  6. I've got and love my Z1000. I can hightly recommend one. The Z800 is about 10kg heavier, less power, less torque. The fueling and power delivery on the Z1000 is so smooth, you don't need to worry about the extra power. The VFR800 is heavier than the Z800, and has a "Power band" like delivery at around 6000 rpm when the VVTI kick in the second set of valves, a sudden rush of extra power that I found unsettling, especially when powering out of corners. If you're not careful and let the revs drop below 6,000 rpm, then when you power out it feel flat at first then get a sudden rush or power
  7. I agree, if you're interested in the z800 just go the z1000. You can find a 2nd hand 2013 model within your budget.
  8. VFR800 ftmfw. That is all.
  9. I didn't like my bike until I rode it.......maybe there is a lesson in there somewhere........
  10. @Mcsenna@Mcsenna - thanks for the offer but I'm all over the Captain Cook Highway (and Kuranda/Gillies/Rex Ranges). Gillies - 263 bends in 19km on an average 4% grade

    @basejumper@basejumper , @Senetor17@Senetor17 I've steered away from the Z1000 due to price, I'll check Brisbane prices. There is an ex demo for $16,750 locally which I might at least test but they also have a 2013 Ninja 1000 for $15,000 and I know I like that bike. The same dealer has a pretty clean 2007 Z1000 with 49,000 km for $6,500. It's pretty much the only 2nd hand bike in town I would consider.

    @Petesul@Petesul - I'd try the F800R but the local BMW has none. He does have a S1000R. I'm scared to go in because I might not be able to resist it.

    I have a work trip to Brisbane shortly (presenting a paper) so it might be a chance. Otherwise I can't see me in Brisbane soon - currently moving house buy end of September with a baby due end of October (my landlord decided he needs to sell the place). I agree though @Mcsenna@Mcsenna a trip to Brisbane could save a bit. Transport is only $300 to $400 if I don't ride back.
  11. It might sound strange, but try a Bandit 1250S. Bags of torque, comfortable for larger riders, goes OK in the corners. Also, if you end up wanting to pillion or tour it will do the job nicely too.

    Also, if you are happy to look second hand you will easily find a very good one for 7K or so.

    just my 2 cents.
  12. I don't know about qld but I sold my schmick 2010 z1000 with 15000 klms on it for $9000. If u have 12k budget that should get u a 2012 or newer model with 10000 klms on it
  13. I'm biased, keep the Cb400 :]. You already stated you don't ride it to its limit's, so why bother upgrading?
  14. Here I was being sensible and avoiding liter bikes, then all of these helpful sorts point out the practicality and affordability of the Z1000. Might be something there.

    @Gooza@Gooza; I'm looking to move because the CB400 is physically a little small, otherwise it's a great bike. I suppose I would like a little more power.
  15. Litre bikes....warp speed....may the force be with you......oh sorry.......live long and prosper (that's the warp speed one).... sometimes the "and prosper" bit should have applied to someone else, as the "prosper" produced an offspring that every night (and presumably all day) kills the entire planet of the human species. As an adult, I wish he'd grow up!
  16. Like the title says I took and passed the QRide assessment so I can now ride anything with 2 wheels, probably not well but at least legally.
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  17. Congratulations, any bikes in particular on your short list?
  18. List is still a bit long really: -
    • Street Triple R/Tiger 800
    • Z800/Z1000
    • VFR800/CB650F
    • DL650
    Trying to stay around a maximum of 10k to 12k. May involve a trip to Brisbane.

    I did the QRide on a GSR750 which just confirmed I like nakeds although I would prefer a twin or triple.
  19. I just bought a 2013 Z1000 and love it!

    I just have to wait a couple more weeks until I'm on my full licence though. And it's killing me!
  20. Skip the z800 and go ride a z1000 mate. Unreal machine
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