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Next bike Ninja 300?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Alli, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. OK so am fairly new to motorcycling, I've passed my P's test, just sold my little honda cb125 and am ready to move onto something bigger that can be comfortable doing higher speeds.
    I am short 5 foot 2, and not a revhead, so I'm not concerned with the bike being able to go crazy fast or extra powerful.
    Bearing in mind that everyone told me I'd be over the cb in the matter of two months...it took about 8.
    I'm not interested in cruiser types at all, have ridden a cb300 and a ninja 300 preferred the ninja, any thoughts??

  2. Not sure if those bikes may be too tall? CB400 are pretty low. But about 200kg. You need to go sit on some as a first step. Same advice as everyone else gets :)
  3. Yeah the ninja is around the 180kg mark. My wifey (SibiSibi) is 5foot5 and she has a little trouble with maneuvering the bike in and out of the garage but has no troubles riding it, loves it in fact. As long as you can touch the ground firmly when you are at traffic lights (worst case scenario - on a hill with a lean) and you feel comfortable with it then you should be fine. You can get a lowering kit with the Ninja and some riding boots with some height on them to help either way.
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  4. If you've ridden them already and you like the Ninja, go fir it, they are great little bikes.
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  5. This just my opinion. For open road riding you need about 35 hp. to push through strong winds. With 35 hp the engine is not flat out and it will help lower the oil consumption. And I find that small bikes are just so much fun to ride because you need to ride the wheels off the things when riding with the big boys. My 250 only has 25 hp and is about as small as you can go and keep up. I would have no problem with either of those bikes.
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  6. one has a cool name - one not so much!
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  7. ninja is fine.
    can get either lowering links, or could go for earlier model 250 or ZZR250 with lower seat heights and lower weight (and less powah)
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  8. You will legit not get bored on a cb400. I've been spruiking them in every thread that comes up lately, but seriously please go and sit on one. Super low seat height, 190kg-ish (a little hard to walk backwards up a slope, but I'm yet to find a bike that that's easy on...), and if you keep the revs low it's a sedate, almost boringly well behaved learner bike - Dr. Jekyll, if you will. When you're craving more, rev to 7000 and you'll meet Hyde. It's just a different bike up there, I don't know how else to explain it.

    If it's between the 300s you mentioned though, I've spoken to a few learners on both and all parties are pleased. I like the look of the ninja better, and although comfort is paramount, it's always a *little bit* about the looks isn't it?
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  9. I rode the shit out of a ninja 300 for 12 months before upgrading and never once felt bored. Miss it a bit actually.....great bike.
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  10. I know you said you're not in to the cruiser types, but have you actually ridden a cruiser? If not, don't limit yourself so early in your riding experience, and take a couple for a test ride. You never know, it may just surprise you....

    Other than that, my general piece of advice to anyone looking at changing bikes is ride absolutely everything you can get your arse on (and can afford) and then buy the one you like the most.
  11. So I bought a Ninja, very happy with it, no troubles with the height, thanks for all the suggestions etc
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  12. Congratulations on the new ride AlliAlli . May it give you much joy! :happy:
  13. Congrats AlliAlli - post up pics when you've a chance
  14. Here she is on her way home last weekend!! IMG_0948[1].JPG
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  15. She looks so innocent!
  17. I reckon that looks mad. I'm going to own a white bike one day.
  18. I'm sure even Madonna was innocent before she was first test ridden!
  19. Hah
  20. Getting used to her
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