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Next bike I saw :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OzzyDevil, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Down Geelong on Saturday while the Ex was getting tires I saw my next bike:) an R6 Yamaha and I loved sitting on it 2012 model too :) it was beautiful..

  2. good choice ;-)
  3. hmmm one quick bike, nice too !!
  4. They're a nimble beast. Last one I rode was an 02.
  5. I didn't ride it just sat on it.. I couldn't flat foot it so its abit high.. But loved it and want it :)
  6. How tall are you Ozzy?
  7. 175CM I could touch the ground but not flat foot..
  8. I only have 5cm on you. I've never had that problem.

    So, how long until the R6 is in your garage?
  9. I wish it was now :) but still have 8 months to go before that.. Ill just save and see what I can come up with :)
  10. Chuck a leg over the. GSXR 600.
    Lowest seat height of the 600's !
  11. Yeah mick I have sat on yours and I flat footed on yours.. :)
  12. Well bro I hope that 8 months scoots by for you. I remember coming off restrictions. It was a great feeling. I had the GSXR 750 ready to go on the day. I couldn't imagine having to wait. I'd go insane safe to say. Set a plan and stick to it.

    I just looked at the seat heights of the R1 2007 (mine) and the R6 2012. I was shocked to see the 600 sitting taller. I assumed the thou would have sat higher.

    2006 - 2008 R1 - 840mm
    2006 -2012 R6 - 851mm
  13. TBH I would love to get the R1 coz I know that would be my last bike for awhile :) but so many people say its to powerful and all that.. I don't go into the city or anything like that.. I asked the sales guy and he said it shouldn't matter what bike u get its how u control it with your wrist..

    It's kind of a hard one for me coz I love the r1 so much I could see myself having that bike for 20 years lol but so many people say go the 600 so I just don't know..
  14. Take a look at the new 636 Zx6R...........this mat very well be the bike to give 600's the rebirth they need.
  15. It's up to you. If you respect your bike, you should be fine. There's no probs going to a thou if your not an idiot. If you have your R1's ECU flashed they're a whole different beast but stock they're not too bad IMO. If I had the cash back in the day I wouldn't have hesitated going to a thou. It just worked out in my favour that my bro was selling his GSXR right when I needed it most! I was partying pretty hard back then and the booze and late nights out kept my options fairly limited.

    Remember these things run hot. Pretty terrible if you like to commute. The R6 is much better if you want to commute in traffic. Doesn't stop me though. I did a run not long ago to St Kilda and had a shit time with the traffic lights, the bike was registering up around 125 degrees. That was winter.
  16. Thx guys when the time comes I will buy :) what ever it is its going to be my last bike for along while.. Till I'm old and gray then i will look at the old mans bike :)
  17. Mate, look a bit deeper, read reports etc. the R6 is a good bike, but you have run it at high revs before she gets going. Once you've adjusted the preload for your weight, you may find it's even taller, but it's not necessary to flat foot on a bike. So don't let that stop you, whatever bike you finally get. :)

    BTW, with your weight, you may find a thou is better suited. Don't discount them. Ride smart on a thou, as they don't forgive bad mistakes.
  18. Precisely. If you're:
    • aware of the relationship between the clutch, throttle and brakes, and
    • err on the side of caution when trying out an unfamiliar motorcycle
    you should be fine. Furthermore, as raven says:
    A 1000cc is definitely more relaxed and versatile. I went from a 650cc leaner-approved V-twin to a 1000cc inline-4, but did my research beforehand. Eventually, I bought a Honda CBF1000 which, though 'detuned', has an excellent, usable spread of torque, is rather quick and very user-friendly.

    If you're keen for a trip to Bendigo, I highly recommend checking out this CBF1000 before someone else sees it for the steal it is and snaps it up.

    As for height, I'm 5'6" and can handle the 251 kg CBF1000 without issues. Its seat [795mm] can be adjusted down another 15mm if needed, but I haven't bothered. I cannot flat-foot, but it's not essential. Just shift to one side before stopping if necessary.
  19. i have a 08 r6, love it to bits!! im 5'11 and cant flat foot on it, but i find that its not a very heavy bike to move. sometimes at the lights ill have both feet down on toes and flick the bike side to side between my legs with ease. its more the styling of the r6 that does it for me, ive always said that id be the happiest guy in the world if they put a 1000cc in it haha.