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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bugjuice88, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. #1 Bugjuice88, Nov 5, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2012
    Hi everyone,

    So I sold my k9 GSXR750. I loved that bikes power and handling but wanted something that is a bit more comfy. So since then (and before) Ive been looking for my next set of wheels. But Im yet to come across something that I have fallen in love with. :love:

    I want something I can ride to work most days and be comfy on, then have the wow factor to want to take the back way home and weekend fangs through the twisties. The driveway to work is 500m of gravel so ill need to be relatively comfy with reaching the ground. The whole trip is about 18ks of country road each way. Im 5'5" 70kgs and have ridden some taller bikes like the Speed Triple and Duke 690 but they didnt really do it for me. I currently own an old wr250 for fanging some back paddocks, so am used to the tall seat on that.

    I like the idea of a naked bike and want something with some balls, although not too throttle crazy to ride on gravel.

    Basically Im open to suggestion because Ive looked at all different styles and capacities of bikes and havent found the one. I dont mind the nuda 900 but reckon it would be a bit on the tall side for everyday practicality, and its a husky so hard to find a dealer nearby.

    I dont mind spending up to $18-19k for the right bike but if I could spend $10-12k on an up to 3 year old bike or low k bike would be ideal.

    Oh yeah no Husqvarnas, MV Agusta or Aprilias because Im in the country and finding parts is :banghead:
  2. Hmm have a look at bikes like Kawasaki Z1000, Yamaha FZ1 or FZ8, Ducati Diavel or Street Fighter, Suzuki GSR750. Even though you didnt like the street triple, it may be worth looking at Speed triple.
  3. Ive ridden both street and speed and while really nice bikes I respect them but they arent for me.

    Im yet to find a z1000 demo and fz1 demo. But are on the list of bikes to try. Fz8 I think a bit limiting, and i would grow out of it too quickly. If only i would grow taller and id be right. ;)

    Didnt really consider the ducatis that much apart from the monster 1100 evo. Ill look into them a bit. GSR750 is all show no go. It looks like a weapon. I was waiting for the skid-mark in the undies but it didnt happen.
  4. +1 for the Z1000, I had a 2011 model for a year. Used it for commuting (60K's each day) nice low seat, and comfortable for 500K's + in a day.
    Jap reliability, easily as grunty as a trumpy Striple and unlike the Striple you don't see 100 of them every day.
  5. is there a BMW dealer nearby?

    a) for BMW bikes
    8) cause they may be tied up with husqi. as they own them.
  6. There is a BMW dealer in Canberra. Never really heard anything either way about them. BMWs are kinda pricey to be leaving around while your at work.
  7. B-King........... maybe go easy on the gravel.
  8. Have you considered the BMW GS's? I know a lot of GS owners who are really happy with the bikes.
    My fiancé has a K1200r and that's a beautiful bike as well. Canberra BMW are good to deal with, their pricing is reasonable for tyres etc and anything else you can get online direct from Europe at reasonable pricing (we got the panniers from Europe).
    I never really saw the value in high end bikes but when you give them a once over they're just well built, well engineered bikes built with purpose.
    Plus they go alright, too ;) can't complain about that
  9. Have a look at the BMW F700GS