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Next bike for short rider?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Michelle33, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. Hello
    I am thinking of upgrading from my VTR250. Only because of a perceived need for a little bit more power/pickup for passing, hills. (Oh, and I ride with a couple of ZX-14's!) I am not sure if I even need to upgrade, I love the VTR's lightness and manoeuvrability. I certainly have not outridden it yet.
    I can only tippy toe the VTR both legs, or flat foot one leg. It is on it's lowest shock setting.

    Given the VTR is 30hp and the CBR500r is 50hp, am I going to see much advantage in changing up? Has anybody gone from the 250 to the 500 - how much difference in power?
    Also thinking along the lines of Suzuki GSR or Ninja 650. I know - go and sit on them and if possible test ride - but I am hoping someone who has bought a CBR500r can let me know what they think.

    Any other suggestions on next bike for a 5' gal with short legs? Not cruiser. Fairly novice, off lams licence, ridden about 5000k.

    Thanks :)
  2. My advice if you have full licence is to forget about another lams bike. We all understand your need for more power to make overtaking and just normal riding easier. What's your budget ? There are so many options. I'm assuming seeing u like the vtr that u are after a sporty bike with a bit more of an upright riding position? Going from 30hp to 50 is not worth it IMHO for a full licensed rider. I think that whatever u choose u are probably going to need to do some sort of work to it to lower the seat or suspension to suit your frame
  3. Hi Basejumper - thanks for that. Really is along the lines of what I am thinking. The Ninja650 can be lowered, not sure how far. And, yes I will need anything I buy to be lowered. The Ducati Monster's are also a possibility - I have sat on an older 900m which was not much higher than my VTR. It all depends on how wide the seat is too.
  4. I will always err on the side of caution and recommend buying a bike with more power than u think u need. A bike is only as fast as your wrist is. What about a street triple ?
  5. My partner is also not very tall, and not the cruiser type. She currently rides a VTR250 for the city, and has a lowered BMW F650GS for touring only since it's too tall for her to be comfortable in traffic. She previously owned a Monster 696 which had her on the balls of her feet, which was okay. If that's your style maybe try one of them? As for the street triple, she can barely reach the ground at all on my 2010 (although I do have the slightly taller R version).

    Check out the website www.cycle-ergo.com as well.

    Looking forward to seeing what you decide - good luck!
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  6. Hey @Michelle33@Michelle33 I have a CBR500R which is my first bike. I have had it for about 4 months now and while I absolutely love it and would not have any other bike for my first. It is easy to ride and doesn't feel too small or too big for me at this stage. That being said if you can upgrade to anything I agree with @basejumper@basejumper and get a bike with power than you think you need.
    I think if you are short you will need to lower it, I am about 175cm and with my boots on I can just flat foot.
    I really love the CBR500R and have a way to go before I am ready to move on but I have already started thinking about what to get next.....maybe a CBR1000R :rolleyes:

    All that being said if you only looking for something around that size then yes the CBR500R is AWESOME!!!
  7. Thanks flash72 and huges. Agree cycle-ergo is a great site, not sure it allows for narrow/wide seats which make a difference. For eg our zx14 is lowered and looks around the same height as my vtr250, yet i cannot get both toes on the ground, let alone balls of feet. It is fairly accurate as far as my 250 goes tho.
    I am leaning more towards a 650r ninja, doesnt hurt that i love the orange one!
    Next step is to go and sit on some. Gotta love bike (window) shopping :)
  8. If the CBR500R isn't enough bike, perhaps look at the CBR650F?

    Bit taller seat though...
  9. CB400 ?? but i doubt you could flat foot much any bike at 5' even.
  10. Ducati Monster was a really low seat... not good for me, but may suit you.
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  11. I know right ! - life is a bit unfair. Never mind - I do love my little VTR ! Even taken it to a couple of track days. Looked a bit out of place against all the big tough sports bikes but I don't care.
  12. A lot of blokes on here will have never taken their big banger bikes on to the track. As long as your giving it a go - good on you (y)
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  13. The thing about the Street Triple is that it can be lowered quite easily and without costing a fortune, then, to regain cornering clearance, you fit Daytona footpeg assemblies.

    The rear end only requires a pair of triangular plates swapped, and there are plates available to lower and also, if required, soften the rear suspension.

    Front is easy, just slip the fork tubes up a bit.
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