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Next bike after CB400?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by DuaneDibbley, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    It's been done to death but I have a month left to go on my LAMS period and am starting to look at my options.
    I'm currently riding a 2011 Honda CB400 that I'm quite happy with performance wise (for the moment) but after doing >500km on it over the Easter long weekend with luggage and not being able to walk properly afterwards because of insane knee pain due to the tight leg/footpeg angle I'm looking at upgrading to something physically larger. Also a bit faster while I'm at it...

    My criteria are:
    - Bigger (than CB400) frame but not dual sport tall. Just something a 192cm/100kg guy will find comfortable.
    - Less knee bend than the CB400.
    - 70kW minimum motor but I don't mind what configuration.
    - Handle no worse than the CB400.
    - Preferably naked.
    - >200km fuel range on the suburban cycle.
    - Less than $15,000 with a preference to new rather than second hand.

    Bikes I've looked at so far (on paper only):
    - Honda VFR800. (V4 motor makes me pants happy)
    - Triumph Street Triple (Probably the R).
    - Husqvarna Nuda (Doesn't look a comfy bike though and range looks bad).
    - Aprilia Shiver.
    - Suzuki Bandit 1250.
    - Kawasaki ER-6n (underpowered but cheap).
    - Kawasaki Versys (underpowered but cheap).
    - Kawasaki Z1000 (Probably too $$).
    - Honda CB1000R (2nd hand and private sellers seem to think they're worth more than gold).

    Commuter practicality isn't a huge concern as if I commute it's only 4km each way of medium traffic.
    I've been checking out http://cycle-ergo.com/ and all of the bikes I've listed have a less severe knee bend than the CB400 and at least a 1.5" taller seat height. I'm happy to be leant forward, prefer that in fact.

    From what I've read on paper and on youtube the Shiver and the Street Triple R are my favourites. The VFR comes in next and then the Bandit. But I'm concerned the hooligan/displacement ratio is wrong. From what I've read it's ventured too touring.
    Z1000 would be nice but I think it's going to be well outside what I end up being able to afford.

    Have I missed anything? Is there a bike i've glossed over which really should be on my list?
  2. You missed the jet powered rocket pants there, Duane. ;)

    Seriously are you only looking new as there are heaps of bargain z1000s around.
  3. #3 DuaneDibbley, Apr 15, 2012
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    Where can I buy those pants, Vertical C? Sounds like something I wanna try ;)

    I haven't ruled second hand out. But I definitely prefer new for some reason. I'm a little OCD about how my stuff is treated and knowing someone may have done stuff less thoroughly than I would have before I owned it would probably send me silly... ](*,)

    I've just added the FZ8N to the list thanks to this video:

    Seems quite good but needing a suspension upgrade!
  4. CBR600 or 1000, suggest the 600 first. or just get the 600 for a weekend twisties bike and have a CBR black bird as a long distance bike.
  5. VFR/Blackbird/Z1000. - All good bikes for "the larger gentleman". ( My VFR has no problems hauling my 103kg around.)

    EDIT: The uninformed may view the VFR as "boring" or "an old man's bike", but they are wrong. The good thing, though, is that the popo tend to look at the VFR the same way, so you can ride like a d1ckhead but rarely get pinged for it.

    The CB1000R is a great bike and unique to look at but IMO it is not quite as good as the Z1000. And I say that as a biased Honda fan.
  6. From your list I would lean towards either the Z1000 (if the newer model) or the Triumph. VFR worth a mention as well.

    The 1250 bandit did lose a lot of its hooligan roots compared to the 1200s.

    An ER6n or Verseys can both carve corners well when set up right. There is also a sense of satisfaction with leaving more powerful bikes behind on something 'slower'. Question is though does that satisfaction outweigh the satisfaction of more power from the other bikes?
  7. You're damn right it does - you should have seen me leaving half the sports bikes for dead on the sixty degrees ride through the twisties. and that's with stock DR650 suspension. fark that was a good ride.
    mind you, I've never ridden a more powerful bike than the DR so I wouldn't know, lol.
  8. I've got a 2010 Z1000 & if anything happened, I would replace it with another one in a heartbeat!
    '10, '11, '12 all the same. Take one for a test ride & you'll be hooked!! (y)
    If not new, a few available S/H with very low K's
  9. know how you feel :p

    When I sat on the strip, it felt like the knee room was more cramped, but I could be wrong. The Daytona is super comfy as well, and if you don't mind leaning forward, might be worth a look. They (standard, not R) are about $400 more than a Street Triple R, plus have a fairing, and adjustable pre-load front end.

    Also, there are some pretty decently priced second hand ones, where as (in QLD anyway) there are no second hand street triples.
  10. A few more to the list
    Kawasaki Z750
    2008 Honda CB600F Hornet

    Regarding foot pegs. I am quite sure some bikes have the ability to adjust them up and down. Something you need to ask about.
  11. i found the z1000 to be a bit cramped for me. and i'm 180cm.

    you should look for hardly used 2nd hand bikes.

    what about some ktms?
  12. I was thinking the same thing.
    The 690 Duke might be comfortable. It has a little bit more horsepower (67hp) than the CB400 but is significantly lighter (only 150kg dry).
    On paper it seems like an exciting bike to ride. It should be fun to throw around through the corners, if that is what you are interested in.
  13. If you went the 690 route, it would need to be the duke r. Just so much better than the standard duke.
    It is interesting that jimmy found the z1000 cramped, at 197cm I found it fine, just shows everyone is different.
  14. Just one more option.
    The Brutale 675 should be available in July.
    It is meant to be cheaper or about the same price as the Street Triple, but the specs look better on paper. ie lighter and more powerful with 43mm USD fork. Looks good value for money. Worth a test ride
  15. yeah weird hey. everyone is different though i guess. i just found it was too small when i had my toes right up on the pegs.

    i found the superduke to be a much better fit, and the bike is alot better finished off than the kwakka.
  16. no argument there, SD is bigger and much better in all aspects, as you could tell by what I bought.
  17. B-king


    ducati streetfighter

    FZ1 is a big roomy bike.
  18. You might need to take 2 weeks off work to test ride all of those.
    It should be fun though
  19. Thanks for your input so far, everyone. Have added a few bikes to the list.

    I am leaning towards the Z1000 as well. I've always liked the stupid looks of them. It appeals to me only slightly less than a B-king lol.
    I'm more than happy carving up slower riders (when I eventually get that good - not right now). I'm a heavy dude (see pic) and so more power is needed to keep relative performance levels.

    Z1000 does have a lot of fans!

    Z750 looks like its swingarm is made of recycled garage doors :/ That said, I've not been very fair to it. Looked away as soon as I saw the crazy clarkes swingarm. For some reason I can't stand that type of construction....

    All those other than the FZ1 is a bit out of my budget even for second hand ones. Would need to be very used (20,000km before they seem to fall into my range). That said - B-king would be amazing. The bike is deceptively low though.

    Yeah... How damned nice would that be. Two weeks off work with nothing to do but ride 20 different bikes....

    Did some homework on the relative power of the bikes I've short listed so far:
    I know power to weight doesn't tell the whole story and isn't what I'll be basing my decisions off but the column with my weight taken into account will give me a good idea where each bike stands on paper.
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