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Next bike a twin. Which one?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by V8cressida, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Hi.
    I recently sold my Gsxr1000 and am in the process of selling one of my other bikes. For my next bike I want to get a V twin.

    Budget of no more than 8k

    looks like the contenders are VTR1000f, SV1000 or even sv650.

    Not too worried about straight line speed. Want something for the twisties.


  2. Hyosung GT650r ?8-[8-[8-[8-[

    bahahahha - I am evil and should be punished
  3. I ride a vtr1000 and it's beautiful in the twisties. It affords you the laziness of being able to just pick one gear, and hold it through the whole rev range due to it's pulling power from pretty much idle, all the way to redline. Can't beat the throaty roar of the twin either.

    If you decide to go down this path let me know, I have an uncle with a black one, only 22,000k's on it, in beautiful condition, always garaged under a blanket. Regular services and books from the place he bought it too. Shoot me a pm if you would like some more details.
  4. imo the sv650 is a blast to ride, the thou is an extra 400cc of of license loosing fun plus you get a few extra goodies of fully adjustable suspension front and rear, some complain it's lacking i seem to be to peddle mine along fairly well, for me the brakes are the biggest issue, after a good 70km tight twisty road i can notice a drop off of performance (but that is after a hard spirited) normal cruising brakes are fine (y) imo get the naked too :wink:
  5. An option out of left field: Cagiva Raptor 1000.

    Yes, I know that getting italian parts might be a bit of a worry, but it HAS got that magnificent Suzuki TL engine (in S tune, too), in a chassis that won't try to kill you. Cheap, too.
  6. I owned a VTR and, to be honest, I was disappointed. Despite what people say about seamless torque being an advantage of the V-twin configuration, I found that the 1000 was jerky and most unpleasant to ride around town. Out on the highway it was fine, although, if you buy one, make sure you plan your fuel stops because fuel consumption is not good and the tank is piddling, even on the post-2002 models when they made it bigger.
  7. Yeah well to be honest I am torn between the 650 SV an the thou's. My sensible part of me is saying the 650 is all I will need, the other side is wondering what I would be missing out on with the 1000's.

    I am more concerned with the handling and growl of the exhaust than neck breaking speed.

  8. look at the sv650 forums. There are a lot of mods that you can do to that bike to make it truly yours.
  9. Here's another from left field. It's a twin, just not a Vee. Best looking Versys I've seen yet. He he he he.
  10. Thats an ER6 isnt it?
  11. nope a striped down versy
  12. Nope -stewy's correct. Thats definately a Versys. The er6 doesn't have the USD forks or alloy swingarm that the the Versys has standard. However, I think the Versys engine is in a slightly softer state of tune. Not sure what the exact differences are but.
    I stole that picture from ADVrider in the "Beasts" section. There are quite a few other different ones in various guises to drool over.
  13. But, since the OP SPECIFICALLY asked about V-Twins, the Versys is completely irrelevant.
  14. I think it would be more relevant if you kept your mouth closed and left the OP decide if it was interesting or not.
    Besides the title does not specifically state V Twin.
  15. Really? Why? Because you "think" so? Well, now, that's a REALLY good reason, isn't it??? :-({|=

    Excuse me, but I'll ignore your irrelevant blindside, especially in light of this...

    Forum 101: Be sure of your facts before typing. It usually saves you from looking like an idiot. (although in your case even that might not help)
  16. Perhaps you should adjust your glasses and read the thread title. Yep, the one that reads "Next bike a twin"

    Anyway, I've read through the rest of the thread and I fail to see anything -yes anything at all, that could be construed as constructive to the thread, that you yourself have provided. Other than puerile and petty whining.

    PS I really think you should get your eyesight tested. 'Specially in light of this
    Or do you specialise in stating the obvious? Ha ha ha ha.
  17. I'm biased but I'll vote for an Aprilia Falco. 120hp, reliable, a bit sportier than a Firestorm or SV, great on the track while still capable of 900-1000k days (probably more but that's as far as I've gone in a day). Not as smooth around town as the jap bikes but IMHO better in the corners and with a lot more character.

    They were never particularly popular on the sales floor when new, so resale prices are pretty good if you can find one.
  18. The versys is a parallel twin
  19. Oh dear, I seem to have upset the netrider Nannies & Grampies by suggesting a parrallel twin. V8 Cressida -would you like me to remove my highly offensive post so as to restore peace and tranquility to the site?

  20. ffs it's hardly OT, as has already been stated it's still a twin, so what wrong with putting up all the twin type motors

    Go back to the rock you have been living under for the last few years!