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next bike - a 600 naked, or a sports bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by skarekrow, May 20, 2009.

  1. hi all!!

    Just wanting some opinions on my thoughts for my next bike. i'm currently riding a 2007 klx250 with motards for road use and i'm looking at getting something that would be exclusively road based.
    so far my list has on it: the Suzuki GSR600, Honda Hornet CB600, Kawasaki Z750 (have been suggested the ER6N but don't find it particularly attractive IMO), and Yamaha FZ6N.
    But, i'm also thinking of moving to a sportsbike, something like an 04-05 ZX6R.
    I'm 6 foot, and weigh about 85 kgs so don't think any of the 600's would have a problem moving me around quite nicely. (i mean, i don't think i need a litre bike...)

    Of the nakeds, what would be the pick of the bunch? It would be primarily a commuter, but still have enough smile factor for the weekend. Or would i be better off just stepping straight to something like the ZX6R or is there a different bike people would suggest?

    And yes, i will ride them first and stuff like that - just want to hear some ideas :)

  2. naked are faster and look cool, no contest :grin: out of the naked models listed i reckon either a hornet or the z750.....rode the fzn6 nice ride, just like the other 2 more, haven't ridden the gsr
  3. Owning a GSR I would have to say the GSR is the best. I think the Hornet is a little low spec. Brakes only 2 piston callipers? I think and no adjustment on the front forks, It is also down on power. I like the Z750 but when I sat on it it just did not feel right and neither did the FZ6. The GSR was by far the best value of the bunch at the time and I still enjoy the bike every time I get out on it. I use it for sports riding but have also toured on it and have done many 1000k days. Power wise it is good and will keep up with the GSXR. It uses a 2004 GSXR engine with different cams and throttle bodys to give more mid range power. It still likes to rev though and once the needle reaches 10k there is a surge in power to make things a little exciting again.
    Mid capacity naked bikes do not sell all that well here in Australia so you should be able to get a bargain if you look around.
  4. Z750 :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. Street Triple R if you need a naked. Why? Because.
  6. :WStupid:

    and i dont even own one :LOL:
  7. :WStupid:

    and i dont even own one :LOL:
  8. I ride an er6n and like the more upright seating position cause I tour a bit. Its a nice bike to ride. so if you don't like them go the Z750.
  9. Primarily a commuter eh. Remember most sportsbikes can be made quite comfy with raised bars and changed rearsets.
  10. I vote for a naked bike. You won't have any comfort/ergonomics problems that sports bikes can sometimes give (like in my case).

    I also vote for the Z750. I've only ridden the litre version but damn it was cool. If the Sreet Triple is added to your list like some others have suggested then i would vote for that. I've ridden one of those, awesome town bike, sounds terrible though <puts on flame suit> LOL.
  11. Yeah, but you've seen first hand what a "Street Triple RR" can do. :wink: :LOL:
  12. thanks all for the opinions so far, it's much appreciated!

    the only thing that swings me away from the z750 is that it feels like it carries a bit of weight. It doesn't feel like it would be particularly agile...

    the street triple is slightly out of the price range i was looking at - it seems to be another few thousand on top of the 'regular' mid sized nakeds.

    is it a difficult thing to change the sports bikes to suit a more 'relaxed' style of riding?

    at the moment i'm leaning towards the gsr600 but they're only in white.... although a gladius in black looks ok. Not sure on the styling though!
  13. You can't possibly have a shortlist of mid sized naked bikes without the Street Triple.

    I've been through the same process as you and whichever way I looked at it, could not bring my self to get anything but the Triumph. Went for the R in orange. All the others are also-rans in my opinion.


    Graham :grin:
  14. why not? sure it's a great bike but i reckon half the people that buy them would be no slower on the other bikes listed above, in fact for all the rave reviews i only seen a few in real action
  15. It is a little heavy, and you do notice it at sub 5km/h speeds, apart from that it's an awesome commuter, really easy to throw around in traffic and it's a heap of fun in the twisties.
  16. is the triumph that much more bike for the extra $2-3000? reading some reviews and everyone is glowing about it - not a bad review to be found.

    it is more than i want to spend, but if it can be justified i'm sure i can find the cash :grin:
  17. Absoultetly.... I am fortunate enough to have had a Street Triple R now for a little over 3 months, and have already put 5,500kms on it!!

    A bit of highway cruising and around town work, but mainly day long blasting around the mountain.

    In answer to your question, yes it is worth the extra $2-3000. The added punch in power you get the entire way through the rev range is just epic, for both around town fun and tight twisties, i have ridden the ER6N and the Yamaha and was fairly impressed by both. But the power delivery is nowhere near as usable or enjoyable as the street triple. If you can afford to do so, the R spec is amazing! The brakes are fine on the standard model, but the suspension on the R really make a HUGE difference.

    Have mine tweaked now (suspensions only) so that i had a ride a couple of weeks ago with a mate who was on a 09 Daytona, with me on my 09 Street Triple R. On the long flowing sections we were exactly the same, but on the tighter stretches of roads i was saying goodbye to him in my mirrors. It is just such an easy bike to flick from side to side, wich also really helps around town with traffic!

    All in all i would sugest the honda from your current list, but if possible grab a striple.... they are just SOO much fun![/quote]
  18. Have you heard on with the Arrow 3 into 1 system?? Would put it up against the sound of a Duke anyday!! Ha Ha Ha!! :grin:
  19. Skarekrow.... I would recommend a naked over sports, especially for you application... Just as much fun on the weekends up the mountains, more comfortable on long distances, and much easier around town. Also being a bit taller you will really appreciate the naked over sports, I'm 6'3" and that was one of the deciding fators for me getting a naked.

    But that's just my view, whatever suits your style preference. One of my buddies just wont by a naked because he prefers the "look" of sportsbikes, each to their own.
  20. If your doing long distances consider sports tourers? They tend to be heavier, and more expensive, so maybe something more motard like with a fairing?