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Next 3 Months

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, May 26, 2007.

  1. Now that Mrs 2wheelsagain has jetted off to the states today. I'm not suggesting I'm bored, rather I'm looking for ideas and suggestions whity or otherwise of how to fill in the next 3 months. :)

    I have 2 cars and the RF in the garage. No kids at home. A dog and a cat but they're sworn to secrecy! :grin: Most nights are free as are most weekends. :beer:

    What would you guys do if you had 13 weeks of not really having to report to the "better half"? :-w

    What can NR come up with? \:D/
  2. well, there is the planned victorian visit to qld.......general mayhem and what goes on tour stays on tour......
  3. netrider annual party at '2wheelsagain's' house! :grin: all invited. :shock:

    take ya twelve wks to clean the place up...
  4. Well, you could

    re-landscape the garden

    re-organise the garage so you can get ALL your vehicles in, including her's

    re-paint the house

    re-model the bathroom

    or you could

    GO RIDING!!!!!! :LOL:
  5. Move house! That'll suprise her when she gets back and keep you busy for a coupla weeks. :twisted:

    Preferably to Melbourne so you don't get so bored when she goes away next time.
  6. Not bored :p You couldnt pay me enough to live in Melb again. 20 yrs was enough :grin:

    I could combine kezza's and Hornets suggestions. (riding)
  7. p0rn, beer, Pizza, hangover and then riding :grin:
  8. ... take a short cooking course & suprise yourself ( and the little lady).
  9. Restore an old bike. You're unlikely to finish, but since you've already started she can't say no when she returns. :grin:

    Or just go riding. :)

    You might also like to build a fort. Outside forts provide the best line of defense, but the lounge room would be warmer. :cool: Mattresses are make ideal walls. They can be supported with cushions and furniture. Use blankets for doorways. Secret passages can be created by overlapping the mattresses at the joins. You'll be able to sneak through into the secret control room and no-one else will know how you do it. :wink:
  10. ahhh, you're living the stump existance [except stump has no bike].

    do as i do

    play with the animals [they need attention]

    sleep with the animals [they need warmth]

    talk to the animals [ they need company]

    walk with the animals [they need exersize]

    gawk, stalk, pawk with the animals.................

    yeah, this is the life. i write music, have friends over, watch bold and the beautiful.
  11. Well you could go for a cruise to Stump's nightclub....

  12. come on down, sydney is OPEN for all!
  13. Arent you meant to talk to the animals before you sleep with the animals?

    How does that Dr Doolittle song go again?

    I cant remember sleeping with the animals anyway? Maybe that was a kiwi version of the song....
  14. hey, good onya! you picked that i was taking the piss out of that song.

    i think it's dr harry cooper, not do-little.

    yes, you talk to the animals

    and SQWARK to the woman on 'the view'.
  15. Doesnt he do little anyway?
  16. ha ha! go back to your miget-goat-p0rn site
  17. I can't........ the midgets... the goats... it's all too much stimulation to take in at once.
  18. Can you explain this one please d stump? :grin:
  19. I think she meant PORK.
  20. Mate, i think you should do, what you normally couldnt do with the other half there :grin:

    1 - Run around the house naked playing air guitar to some of the good old classics lol :LOL:
    (You might feel a little violated by the way the animals will look at you but its all good... hahahaha)

    2 - Have a NR BBQ with a bonfire, marshmallows and some beer

    3 - Or do what triway said, move house! hahahahahaha
    that cracked me up :LOL: