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Next 250 bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mipearson, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. I'm thinking of hocking the old Across and grabbing myself a new 250cc.

    I've just gotten a new job who are paying pretty decent money, so I'm looking for something around $6000 or up.

    Thing is, I was too poor/lazy for the last year to get my full license, so I've been on my learner's since April and even when I get my full next month I'll still be on restrictions for another twelve months.

    Hence, I'm looking for a 250 which isn't so much aimed at the first-time learner. I'll note that I've also got a few thousand kilometers of courier experience under my belt, so rushed situations and long ride times aren't a problem for me.

    I need something which handles and accellerates well but won't be a pain to use to commute to work every day. Top speed isn't an issue - I've got no real reason to break 120 kp/h these days. Acceleration is, though - I like something sprightly.

    The bikes that I'm currently considering at the moment are:

    Aprilia RS250:
    Bloody fast, excellent handling, good resale value as they've stopped making them
    Bloody expensive, not an easy bike to ride, hard to get parts as they've stopped making them

    Kwaka ZZ250:
    Two-stroke speed, like the aprilia, but cheaper
    Two-stroke rideability, like the aprilia

    Honda Spada:
    Cheep. Naked bike, easy to work on. Very nippy / maneuverable
    Not sure how quick it is - I want something _faster_ than the across
    Naked bike, a bit of a pain for the amount of highway riding I do

    Honda CBR250RR
    Fast, maneuverable, easy to find parts for, king of the learner bike world
    Not sure what the rideability is like. Not sure how easy it is to find a second hand one that hasn't been thrashed/dropped by a learner.

    An Across that doesn't have 80,000k on the clock
    Fast-ish, luggage compartment, rides well
    I already have one

    I'm also very open to other bike suggestions.

  2. i know you dont wanna hear it, but i reckon just hold onto the bike youve got. i mean, as much as i love bagging them(or should i say "handbagging" :LOL: :oops: ), the across is a very capable bike and even with 80,000k on it, still shouldn't be that bad. maybe spend a few bucks getting the more minor things up to scratch, but save that $6k for the real bike that you'll get next.

    if you REALLY have to upgrade, then just think about what you want from the bike. 2 strokes can be a biatch to maintain and dont like sitting on constant speeds. a 2 cyl 4 stroke will have a bit more punch down low but struggle up higher, not so great for highway work. and another inline 4 will be the same deal as what you've got there, you wont find that much of a gain.

    save the money and buy a decent 600 when you can, upgrading from a 250 to a 250 is fairly pointless IMO :D
  3. Are the restrictions where you are the same as in NSW? If they are you could go a gs500 or EL500 but yeah, like coconuts said, might not be worth your while. Test ride some different bikes and see what you think. And aren't ZZR250's 4 stroke?
  4. I agree with coconuts. The only bikes that will give you substantially more acceleration than the across will be the 2-strokes, and most are not that 'user friendly' over long periods. One bike you didn't mention was the rgv250...

    The zzr and spada won't give you anything above your across. The gain by going to a cbr isn't that great - yes there is some but nothing to write home about. Fzr or zx2r are other options, but they are in the same category as the cbr (except all are grey imports I believe - definitely true for the fzr).

    Save your money, and in 12 months buy the bike you REALLY want.
  5. The trouble is my across is all but wrecked. I've come off it twice while I've owned it, and the previous owners have come off a few times. For a while it wouldn't start in the cold, now it's not starting at all, and I've had it in the shop twice trying to get it fixed and all the bloody mechanics have done are clean out the carbies and throw it back my way. Probably $600 spent on repairs which didn't...

    Even when it is running, there's little to no power under 8,000 RPM, and my old 1984 BMW 323i 2.4l (yes, I'm a bimmer driver, so sue me) could easily drag it at the lights.

    My plan is to buy a better bike then hock the Across to a learner on limited cash flow for about $2000 or so.

    Buying a new bike is more of a replacement than an upgrade thing, but seeing as I'm in the market, I'm evaluating all the options.
  6. Oh, forgot to mention: I thrashed the hell out of it while working as a courier. Cold starts, kerb mounting, overrevving, forced gear changes, the whole shebang.

    It was originally bought as a thrash / droppable bike anyway.
  7. :shock: then get a dirt squirter! if you're gunna give a bike that much hell, might aswell give it to something that can handle it eh :LOL:

    i understand now, but i dont think you need to lash out $6k. what exactly do you want out of it? commuter? boy racer? cruiser? streetfighter? whats the most important thing to you? looks? performance? reliability? what are you willing to compromise on?

    questions suck, but they have to be asked :wink:
  8. If I was still working as a courier, a dirtbike would be my first choice. But I'm not - now I'm a 9-5 Brunswick <-> Malvern commuter who likes to ride the twisties on weekens.

    I think my order of prefence is this:
    1. Rideability, Handling, Speed
    2. Reliability, ease of mechanical work, price
    3. Pillion, looks, insurance costs

    I want a bike that doesn't punish me for riding it, but will take corners with confidence and answer when I give it a bit of stick. I'm thinking of just getting another Across, because it pretty much did that, but I'd like the opportunity to try something new...
  9. how long are you on restrictions for? I couldnt bare to spend $5000+ on a decent 250 (I would've liked a cbrrrrrr)... so I bought a great 600 instead
  10. i reckon a Suzuki Bandit suits the things you've described, its a good commuter - not very head down bum up, its got heaps of go for a 250, handles well, its naked so if you throw it down the road it wont cost an arm and a leg to fix cosmetics, they are pretty reliable
  11. Androo: I'm going to have the bike for at least a year, and use it nearly every day

    insano: Yeah, I've heard good things about the bandit. I might take one for a test ride. Thanks.
  12. The ZZR250 is a 4 stroke.
  13. re zzr250: I know. I'm thinking of the bike that the Aprilia nicked the engine from, can't remember it off the top of my head.
  14. Dont Aprilias use RGV motors? The Kwak 2 stroke your thinking of is a KR- 1S,old bike now,better off gettin an RGV if you're gonna go a stroker.

    Mate,if your that desperate for a new bike,try pick up an FZR400 or the like,the majority of people (including cops) dont know the difference and i gaurentee you you'll suprise the hell out of big bikes on the twisties.And they usually go for the same price as a 250 Grey. If you dont want to risk that,you definately cant go past an FZR/CBR/ZXR 250 mate. They're just a tad quicker than an Across. :D 8)

    Good luck with whatever you get m8! 8)

    Edit: btw,i seriously advise against a stroker for commuting m8,they're a race bike by nature and are very high maintanence,dont 4 get you also have to put 2 stroke oil in when you fill up,just another added cost you dont get with a 4 stroke. 8)