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Nexo Sports??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Race666, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Has any body heard of Nexo Sports gear? I was in Canada 2 weeks ago and bought a jacket from a motorcycle shop in Toronto and its AMAZING!!! Does any one carry Nexo Sports gear in here?

  2. nah, it's shit.
  3. Have you tried their street jacket on? It fits really well! I have tried wearing so many Jackets but nothing fit like their jacket!
  4. lol.

    looks ok on the website but hard to tell
  5. I actually did a huge mistake not getting their glove! And i was wondering if some one carries their glove?
  6. what the link to their website?
  7. You can manage to sign up for an account on a forum but you cant punch Nexo Sports Gear into google?
  8. Good point! I was thinking of a lazy way out!!! :grin:
  9. N-FORCE Men Jacket ...... this is the jacket I bought! In Black / Graphite
  10. What is your name?
  11. "maps reflection" methinks ;)
  12. ](*,)
  13. Looks good... I don't think they are available in Oz, but I wonder if any US-based online shops might have them. I could see myself in one of these... the jacket, I mean :)

  14. Yeah i bought the same jacket but in black Graphite .... Gold one was a little too shiny!!!!
  15. I am Andre!