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Newspaper Article - The Independent 23/03

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nodz, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. Father and son in hurry on bikes

    Police last Sunday week busted two bikers doing more than 130kmph in an 80kmph zone id-afternoon just outside the cemetery in Springvale.
    Worse still, the two speedsters were father and son - caught way over the limit within 20 minutes of each other and going in different directions, oblivious to each other's fate.

    Inspector Maurice Lynn, regional traffic inspector for the southeast, said police were stunned to discover the link when they pulled over the son just 23 minutes after stopping the father.

    The bizarre case of the family that speeds together loses licences together started just affter 4.30pm when the 56-year-old father was clocked at 147kmph travelling west.

    Police intercepted the man and handed him a $440 fine and 12-month loss of licence.

    They returned to their spot just near the stonemason beside the Springvale Necropolis just in time to put the speed gun on another biker as he roared east over the hill beneath the sandown overpass.
    He was clocked at 136kmph, the rider spotting the police just as the laser gun recorder his speed as he braked hard. He was told the reading could have been much higher.

    the 28-year-old son also received a $440 find and a one year loss of licence - car and bike.

    The son told the police neither man knew the other was out riding.
  2. Personally I was happy to see mention of the number of other vehicles booked at the same speed trap :shock:
  3. Anyone heard from Nobby & Dacs?