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Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. The next installment of the Netrider Newsletter (Netwriter) has been completed and is available for download.

    There is a PDF version and for those clever people with Mac's there is also a zipped keynote version.

    I'd appreciate some feedback too.


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  3. i win the prize for the howard jones section. i'm not entering, but just know that i win.
  4. Thanks for the feedback folks, really appreciate it :roll:
  5. Typo pg2 'pear' not 'pair' shaped :p

    Happy! :LOL: :p :p

    Looks good Vic :wink:
  6. Vic, have you considered sending the newsletter "out"?

    An email to everyone on your/NR list, with a link to the newsletter oughta do it.

  7. Yeah but before sending it out to everyone, I was after some basic feedback on the new format.
  8. Hey Vic

    Well done. I know newsletters are a pain in the arse to compile and get info for. The format you have is very easy to read with lots of "whitespace" which is also cool.

    I must confess it does look like that it was created in powerpoint. Typically a newsletter is more in a broadsheet kind of format. MS Publisher does these really well.

    Love the Howard Jones concept. I think the biggest mystery on NetRider is who are people and this is a great way to get more depth of understanding.

    Hope this helps.

    I am happy to write an article for you too! Let me know if you want one.

  9. It was created in Keynote (Mac version of powerpoint, only nicer)

    Im happy to accept articles from members for consideration. ;)

  10. Hey Vic.

    I really don't like the presentation. As someone else said, it has a PowerPoint look about it. Doesn't have that good old newsletter feel about it. I'd much prefer the 'older more traditional style' format. Maybe I'm just getting old and set in my ways. :wink:

    Page 9 - Beginner is spelt wrong. :p

    I don't see a need to make mention of the reason why the Pink Ribbon committee walked away. It comes across as a personal dig at a certain person and I just don't see the purpose of including it in the article.

    I liked the articles on Zaidees Rainbow Foundation and Rob's experience at being a moderator.
  11. Hey Vic,

    Spelling on the Competitions page on the second column where you indicate there have been some nice "prices" instead of "prizes".

    I like the emphasis on the Pink Ribbon Ride.
  12. Well Done Vic ... but perhaps if you didn't spend so much time on the newsletter, you wouldn't need to make the following statement:

    Again .. well done
  13. It does look a bit presentationy, you might have been better off doing it in pages if I remember rightly it has quite a few newsletter templates.
  14. Damn .. I think I may have won a new 50" Plasma TV :shock:
    either that or a windscreen sticker :p
  15. Thanks folks.

    I have corrected the typos and removed the deserved dig at one person.

    Yes it was made with Keynote (powerpoint) and it may be a little "presentationish" but stiff titties :)

    I'm not about to re-do it :p

    It will stay in this format and I'll look at doing the next one using Pages and a newsletter template.