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Newsletter BIO

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. The next newsletter wil be out very, very shortly. If you'd like to share with us all a little Bio and story about yourself for the newsletter, then please send an email to editor@netrider.net.au Some stats such as bike/s, riding years, background etc, and an interesting or humorous story that's happened to you is all we are looking for. Thanks.

  2. Anybody?, somebody! Nobody? :(
  3. Jas, you might better off pinpointing a few people from the forums and emailing them a copy of a bio to fill out.
  4. I would do, but I have no life :(
  5. I have only recently put in a proper membership application and still have to be confirmed. Maybe I can do a member bio once I am a member.

    :D :D :D
  6. My life, in recent times, has been played out on this forum. (Thank God for it, kept me sane<ish>).
    However, pre-Netrider, I echo novacoder - no life.
    That's gunna change. :)
  7. I'm too new and boring to be worthwhile!
  8. What kind of thing are you looking for? Care to lead by example with your Bio?

    Are we also going to have a Netrider of the month? :LOL:
  9. I have to contact the Depatment of Corrections to ensure facts are correct, and i don't tell them anything they don't already know. How long can you wait?
  10. Condintions of my parole prohibit me from disclosing my past . But if u want to know a bit about groberts , that i can do . I peek in his windows every night.
  11. You're a sick man Dave.....

    Jas, how about starting with one of the mods/admins?
  12. did you like that G string and low cut teddy i was getting around in last night :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Creative bunch you lot are;
    Here, allow me,

    Please, fill in the details below, this will help all the other members get to know you, and give you your 15 minutes of fame (or infamy) as well.

    Current Ride:
    Riding experience:
    Previous Rides:
    Best Ride:
    Worst Ride:
  14. Name: Glen Roberts
    Current Ride: GSXF Across
    Riding experiance: had a licsense previously and lost it , learnt to ride on FJ1200
    Previous Rides:IT250, friends FJ1200
    Music:anything but rap
    Best Ride:Current partner
    Worst Ride:a rather large dark ladie over a weebber bin outside a nightclub in townsville with the beer goggles on full power.
    Motto:someone esles down fall is allways your gain
    You cant handle the truth
  15. Pfftttt, sif that will ever make the newsletter.
  16. you wanted creative :LOL:
  17. Ok how about this then ?

    Name: Bob
    Nickname: Vtrbob
    Age: 40 ( grandfather as well )
    Lives: In purgatry ............ Hastings
    Works: as little as possable
    Occupation: Electronics
    Current Ride: VTR1000 ( red )
    Riding experience: 22years and about to loose his lic for the 1st time
    Previous Rides: ( in order ) PE125 / RM250 / GSX250 / SP370 / VF750 / 1100 Katana / CB900 Boldour / GSX650 / GPZ750 / CBR1000 / VTR1000
    Drinks: way too much / preferes scotch though
    Smokes: Claim the 5th
    Music: ACDC / Angles / Van Halen / ZZTop etc
    Best Ride: toss up between Katana and VTR
    Worst Ride: SP370 ( broke my shin bone *tibia* with a damn backfire halfway through a kickstart )

    Longest ride : Melb > Brissy 17hrs just stopping for fuel/food > CB900
    Fastest long Haul Coffs Hbr > Melb 12hrs with pillion ( wifes mother in hosp )
    Nastyest Acc : T boned by HQ holden on GSX650 : bike/car both right offs
    self: broken clavical ( shoulder ) 2 weeks in hosp with severe internal bruising and amesia. and told if i ever even look at a bike again, you know where the front door is ( i found it too ) lol

    Funnyest Moment : reflex action dogging a bird flying straight at helmet, putting hand up for protection and CATCHING the damn thing !!
    Fastest Stop from 120kph and removing helmet all in one motion : 25 mtrs ( live wasp crawling across INSIDE of visor )

    All in all i'd say in 22 years of rideing i've either seen it or done it myself, its all been good fun. Up untill doing my lic last w/end for 40k over limit . oh well shit happens