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News: Yamaha to sell and fit GPSs

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. Yamaha have concluded a deal with Garmin to market their models under the Yamaha badge. Yamaha buys in the body of the GPS, and installs them in their top-of-the-line motorcycles.

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  2. It's about time they included GPS units on bikes, those that know me, have seen I have a Garmin GPS 60C on my bike already, the best accessory I have ever owned for a bike.
    The Garmin 60C has a host of mounting options which means you can take it from the bike to car to push bike or to the boat.

    Current Price of my unit is:
    GPSMAP60C Garmin GPS = $699.00
    City Navigator - Australia = $349.00
    MetroGuide Australia (Country Towns etc.) = $179.00
    MKT36 Bike Mounting Bracket = $38.50
    LE903 Cigarette Power Cable = $18.50

    I found the best place to buy them was CH Smith in Collingwood
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  4. That so cool :)
  5. steve i have that rubbish uniden gps205(mainly for safety cameras and accurate instant speed) and need a mount for the bike. does ur garmin vibrate or move around much? my radar/laser detector on the bike jumps about too much even with suction cups and resting on top of the cluster.
  6. I don't need a GPS because people are always telling me where to go :cry:
  7. Only problem with fitting a GPS to a bike is when someone tells you to get lost you cant......................

  8. Geez -you lot want to take all the fun out of riding a bike. What ever happened to following your nose, getting lost and accidently finding those cool roads. You've lost the essence of riding a bike -having a vague destination & spending all available time to maybe get there & home again :LOL:
  9. The Garmin doesn't vibrate much at all, had a small problem at the start when running of batteries the Garmin would switch off, but that was fixed by Garmin with a couple of felt packers in the battery compartment.
    The Garmin has one of the best screens for viewing in all conditions as well.
  10. It's so much fun to do the above on a bike...all you need to keep an eye on is how many km you've done so you don't run out of fuel. Before anyone says it...yes the Across has a smaller fuel tank :LOL:
  11. You are right in some ways, but when you need to go to a particular address it beats carrying a Melway's that's for sure. I don't use mine much on rides for location, use it mainly for speed & time etc., but then again if you do find a nice road the track-back feature is real handy to save for your next little adventure.