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News: Women in Motorcycling on the rise

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by es, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Women in Motorcycling on the rise


  2. ohhh cool!
    but then, its from a christian science site so maybe should go in jokes and humor ;)
  3. My wife is about to purchase a bike too. Everything is Zen in my world.

    (Yay for me i will have 2 bikes to play with, unless it turns to poo and end up with my fave toy gone before i make it to the garage. HELP ME I HAVE CREATED A MONSTER)
  4. really? wow thats awesome news :grin: she doesnt still think im evil does she :/
  5. Re: Women in Motorcycling on the rise

    Oh my Dog, please, please, pretty please, not the chaps, never the chaps....shudder... :shock:
  6. Today, if a woman is draped over a motorcycle, she's more likely than ever before to be sitting at the throttle, decked out in perfectly coordinated riding gear: chaps, jacket, vest, and gloves.

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  7. Re: Women in Motorcycling on the rise

    hence the "ew" from me... yuck!!!
    The only good looking chaps ive ever seen are those pink ones (but i dont like pink :( ) from that place but I cant remember who makes them. I spent 20 mins looking!!
  8. Strange but true. I was on the 2004 Ducati Turismo in Tasmania and someone came passed me on a Blue Monster. I thought: only in Tassie could someone ride with chaps on a Ducati. Perhaps they are one of tose rainbow coalition people. It was pretty early in the peace, on a transport section, so I wasn't necessarily inclined to jostle for position. After a while I thought this cat isn't going quite as fast as I like through the twisties so I overtook.
    Well eventually we arrived at the "very first GJ Coles store in Australia" and just as I was preparing to tank up I looked over to see the Chaps weared remove their helmet. To my surprise she was stunning. I was taken aback.
    Naturally, I had to sidle up for a chat. Heidi was her name. The only girl I've seen who looked great in chaps. Ever. :grin:
  9. Nonetheless, mods delete that post immediately! The encouraging of chap wearing is strictly forbidden on Netrider........or if it isn't it should be.
  10. This reminds me of the Goodies "Almost Live" episode...

    The one where Tim Brooke-Taylor sings C&W (Cactus in my Y-Fronts made a loser out of me!")

    "I've just come down from Tennessee
    a pair of leather chaps around my legs (down boys!)"

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. The Hello Kitty Harley, coming to a store near you. ;)
  12. More seriously, my wife will be getting her Ls this week, and I have two teenage daughters cued up too...
  13. :rofl:

    More likely the Hello Kitty Honda and the Barbie Harley (although they've done that) :roll:

  14. I saw a lovely sight today, a woman "draped" over a immaculate Suzuki sports bike (was a big bike too, some sort of twin, she was on tip toes).
    It just looked sooo right! Draped is a very good word for it too.
    Really nailed it off the lights too.
    There should be more of it. :cool:
    Just had to share when I saw the thread.

    Regards, Andrew.

  15. Actually it's very scary - I did a search on it just in case it wasn't a joke and I found out that it's closer to reality than I thought... :shock: :shock:

    There's the Hello Kitty Mitsubishi
  16. Forgive an ignorant, I did google for Chaps and found something rather... not-work-safe.

    What exactly are they?
  17. [img:360:480:711236dace]http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a264/LouChador/pvad.jpg[/img:711236dace]

    Sorry 'bout the threadjack, I promise I'll be good now. I'm basically reacting to some of the implicit sexism in the initial article...
  18. Sorry Inci...

    she has to know what to avoid. :LOL: