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News: VMAC announces rider forum dates

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. The Victorian Governments' Motorcycle Advisory Council has announced the dates and registration for its rider forums to be held in Taralagon, Melbourne, and Horsham.

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  2. hmmm, looks interesting....
  3. Following the success of the first two forums at Traralgon & Horsham the Melbourne one is coming up next week. (see below)

    There were a lot of issues raised - particularly by dirt bike riders - that have been taken on board by VMAC.

    We particularly want young riders - most of the participants at the country forums were a bit older. VMAC is actively looking for input from riders here. The format is somewhat similar to the VACC forums. Some talk about what VMAC is and what it's been doing (mercifully short :LOL: ) and then smallish groups - each with a facilitator to keep it moving and a scribe to note what the issues are.

    After that while supper is served (and a bloody good one if Horsham is any guide :LOL: ) the notes are put together and then the issues raised are summarised back to the meeting.

    (oh yes - VicRoads pays for supper - it doesn't come out of the levy :grin: )

    It provides a very effective way for individuals to talk about what is important to them regarding motorcycling. If you can possibly make it I'd urge you to do so because the feedback from those that participated has been really good.

  4. I'm in, see you there.

    Legalise the wheelie!
  5. I've registered with them.
  6. booked my spot about 2+ months ago.
  7. The T'gon bash was a sumptuous feast, I reckon. I had planned on getting takeaway on the way home. Filled up at the forum, instead.

    Did you go to the Horsham one? And if you're going to the MEL one, I wouldn't mind notes, photos, etc. for the newsletter, please.

    I'm off on the 24/25th, so I might rock on down if I don't have other plans.
  8. It's on tonight. :)
  9. See you there.
  10. Yeah catch you lads there.
  11. Anyone up for a coffee before hand?
  12. Mmmmmmm the (free) food was great. It was interesting to know where the $50 levy goes.
    I'm glad I went. :grin:
  13. I think a lot of peoples' specific points were watered down and broadened out in the discussion before they hit the paper to go in as feedback. I would have liked to have seen specifics making it through.

    Tucker was good, yarn spinning was good, presentation was good and it was great to get a look inside the machinations of how our $50 levy is spent and a sense of the added clout that levy has helped give the motorcycle lobby in government.

    A lot of pretty passionate people who are prepared to play within the rules of politics to get things achieved rather than saying things plain and straight and never changing anything.

    I was impressed.

    And I got to eat some of my $50 levy.

    I'd encourage more people to come to the next one if it comes around again, it's your chance to have a say and you can use it for the things you're concerned about.
  14. Yah I'm a fan of these advisory committees Loz, ever since I've been involved around the edges of the Public Transport version.

    The thing is the politicians may not always do what the commitees recommend but they _do_ listen, and so do vicroads. In my (limited) experience they work better than lots of the alternatives.

    Oh, and I think I ate my $50 levy and part of yours ;-)
  15. Considering how brief my presence was I got a whole lot out out of it......just sent the details of my most recent accident to a Vicroads contact who hopefully can push it home a little more.

    Gave a few bobs worth of feedback (after a bit of persistence) but was ridiculously under prepared to really do a comprehensive job, but arriving 5 minutes before the end makes it hard.

    Pretty disappointed that I missed the presentations at the start and even the free food and drink couldn't overcome that.

    Next year I'll have to book a trouble free day at work so I can get to the whole program.

    Ow yer and I spoke to a Scooter Importer about a Dirt Scooter.....could be an option for the next bike with some motard wheels and sprocket change. :grin: And Loz hassled me AGAIN about getting another bike for the second distinct time today....I must have misplaced our marriage certificate somewhere. :p
  16. The feedback seems to have been pretty good and I'll be interested to see the final report that gets generated.

    The food was good - except you should have warned me about that vegetarian pie Loz :p

    VMACi s becoming a lot more relevant with Neil O'Keefe as chair - he's a rider himself (when he's not falling off :LOL: ) he's got the political smarts and the contacts as a former Federal Labor Transport Minister. About the only area of disagreement is on the levy - Neil and the other govt. people want it - the riders don't.

  17. I strongly suspect that Neil O'Keefe sees the levy not as funding in and of itself (useful as that is) but as seed money to establish a process wherby rider specific issues can be addressed without being watered down by being put to commitees and groups with responsibilities for a wider range of topics.

    And that the seed money will cause a multiplier effect and funding will be added from other government areas (and existing funding better targeted), giving riders better control over rider related outcomes.

    Now one could argue that should happen without the levy, but having dealt on a regular basis with VicRoads and various government representatives for most of my working life from the public transport provision side I would bet serious $ that without that 'seed' money it wouldn't.

    So I believe that we have the choice of going down this path or having the government and VicRoads 'taking thier bat and ball and going home'.

    Distastful as some may percieve that choice to be... :wink:
  18. You're pretty much right with that. The outcomes have been quite positive in using the levy money as leverage. The other advantage is that it least gives us the ability to forestall stupid initiatives (to some extent) as it's pretty much finalised that all motorcycle intiatives need to be run past VMAC.

    My own view is that putting the levy on licences would be a more equitable way of doing it. While it would mean a drop in income from the levy there would still be enough to be significant and enable the added leverage. It might also have the advantage in that people who give up rifding might let their licence lapse. Then when they want to return years later they would need to be retrained and retested.

  19. I doubt that the "drop" in revenue would be anything significant. In the last budget Victoria was awarded an extra $780 million a year in government grants courtesy of the GST. Now, we pay around $26 GST on our TAC premium. If there are 96,000 registered bikes in Vic that's around 2.4 million bux a year.

    And yeah, I know that the issue isn't whether or not we should have a levy, but rather how it's spent. Still, it galls me.

    I don't s'pose anyone last night asked why some of these roadside improvements included armco barriers?