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News: Victorian motorcycle symposium recommendations

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Outcomes and recommendations from the VACC Motorcycle Industry Symposium held on Sat March 18th.

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  2. The forum was really successful. The only major player who didn't front was the TAC and they did not score any brownie points for that - VicRoads had several people, several councils were represented
    and a sprinkling of people from interstate as well.

    A wide range of industry people were represented including all the Japanese manufacturers as well as BMW Motorad and several scooter people. Most organisations were represented at a senior level.

    Speakers were the VACC Executive Director David Purchase, Neil O'Keefe (VMAC), Prof Marcus Wigan, Dale and myself.

    About 80 people fronted. John Faine (774 ABC) was moderator and did an excellent job. The communique grew out of the afternoon workshops and panel session and was pretty well unanimous.

    Some minor dissent on licence ages and LAMS (but in the detail not in general) Unanimous on the lane filtering though :)

    The licence age suggested by numerous people for mopeds and <50cc scooters was along European lines - about 14 or 15 which will scare the pants off some people :) but the age needs to be resolved.

    The VicRoads people present were taking a lot of notes. I was talking to one of them and they said that the results of this forum would be taken seriously. Interestingly one outcome was that we (the MRAA) have been asked to meet and speak to a lot of the participants present as, (despite some sniping from soem negative people), we got a lot of good feedback about what we've been trying to achieve.

  3. hope this doesn't get rushed though i don't want my bike to go from worth 3k+ to half that 3 months before i sell it :shock: :wink:

    other than that it sounds like a productive meet, particularly if vicroads attended and listened to what was put forward.
  4. Interesting, the idea of a moped only licence has been presented before to the Victorian Governement (twice), as a means of reducing the number of deaths of 18-year olds on 250s - wonder if they'll take it seriously this time around. There are actually some nice mopeds available now - the 50cc Sachs MadAss is one example (would have loved to have had one of those when I was 16 :grin:).
  5. Good results i guess. LAMS would be good though.
  6. A large price drop didn't happen in NSW/SA for 250's when LAMs was introduced, and I doubt that it'd happen here either.

    250cc bikes are typically cheaper than the larger capacity bikes anyway, so while there'd be a small adjustment, it's not going to cut 250cc second-hand prices in half.
  7. TAC Refuses to attend VACC Motorcycle Forum

    I attended the VACC Motorcycle Forum last Sat and was amused to hear that the TAC had been invited to attend, but when they saw the list of attendees the decided not to send anyone along.

    Seems they may have been scared of the reception they may have received.

    Pity they didn't send someone, because they would have been surprised at the quality of the information they would have taken away from the day.

    John Faine was a brilliant facillitator and keep everything under control and on time.

    Professor Marcus Wigan gave an excellent presentation which set the mood for the day. If you haven't familiarized yourself with his work - then you should.

    By now most of you should have seen the communique - it was the result of much input by a large group of highly qualified people - and included several rider trainers and most there had around 30 years riding experience.

    There was a lot of good work done on Sat - but it will all be wasted if we all don't get behind it and force the Media to acknowledge it.

    Did anyone see the Lindsay Tanner article in today's Herald Sun - "Back on yer bike!" Someone needs to get an artcle published that say the same thing about their motorcycle/scooter...... :)

    Also - another gem - rumour has it that Rob Hulls (Labor polly) has purchased a scooter and commutes into the city on it every day - rather than use his Limo..... We could (should) go to town with that one.
  8. Did the TAC issue any formal statement as to why they did not attend, as opposed to making assumptions about the reasons why?
  9. Is the communique available online?

    And has any comment been made to the media about the TAC's decision not to participate?
  10. Was anything that might might be relevent or holsd specific omportance to motorcyclists discussed?Sure, I'm not a huge TAC fan but their nonappearance can't have been the only note worthy point to come out of that forum can it? :)
  11. As much as I agree with the recommendations that appear in the NR news article we have to also remember that they are only that - recommendations. The government has showm scant regard for the VACC in the past. Don't forget that there is currently the proposal to make lane splitting/ filtering strictly illegal and it has yet to be decided apon.
  12. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=17468
  13. Cool, thanks. :)
  14. Reduce the licencing age! :shock: To 14-15! :shock: As if kids can't find enough ways to get themselves killed. Frankly most teenagers barely have the thinking skills needed to safely operate a BMX on the road (and the others simply don't). I can't see what the benefit in the proposal would be. Wouldn't it just mean we have to share the road with unisured teenagers on scooters. I have nothing against teenagers but I know enough about child development to be wary of that idea.
  15. Well, it was the Motorcycle Industry forum... these are folks who would love to have a new demographic to sell scooters too :)
  16. Well said. Besides, if it sells a few scooters, the lives of a few chilren is a small sacrifice. :)
  17. No actually it was taken from the experience in Europe where teenagers can do what has been suggested here. It has been found that when these people are then old enough to move to driving a car they are more awear of bike riders.

    Also they have had a lot more experience when they do progress to a larger bike. There was a few comment mad about people who get their licence and then just sit on it until they can get on an unrestricted bike.

    If you were able to ride a scooter from the age of 15 or so there is more incentive form them to get the worth while experience.

    It would also get a lot of the Toorak tractor driving mothers of the road who would no longer need to be driving their teenagers around.
  18. Where the idea was taken from and the reasons for some people supporting it would be different issues wouldn't they?

    Exactly what would happen here, given that a lot, if not most country kids already ride and have a 250 (or larger) dirt bike in the shed. Why would they sell an XR250 to buy a scooter?

    The same insentive there is when they get the licence later. Why would there be more insentive at 15 rather than 17 or 18?

    The same could be achieved by buying the kids a pushbike. Riding a pushie never caused me any undue harm or emotional stress. What's wrong with telling the kids to ride to school, footy etc..? If they don't have the nerve to ride a pushie instead of asking Mum to drive them everywhere, why would you give them a scooter?
  19. Simple, at the moment the only way kids can get out on the roads under 18 is with a car learners. And if they've already got that they're more likely to go for their car licence when they turn 18 than a bike learners. If however they've spent that time on a moped things might be very different.

    Ahh c'mon kids these days are too fat and lazy to expect them to do anything requiring physical effort :LOL:.
  20. This is a complex and difficult one. The problem of using Europe as a model is that the traffic landscape is totally different. Very high volume, but very low average speed in the urban areas. Shorter journeys, too.
    The relatively low accident rate in European cities probably decreases the risk, too.
    You could argue that riding a 50cc scoot is little different to a pushbike, and kids can ride those on the roads if they choose to now (although very few do these days - it's mostly adults). I'm not in favour of differential speed limits for any vehicle, but maybe a compromise solution may be to limit <18s to roads with a limit less than, say, 70kmh. Maybe even less. That way they could gain some experience without being subjected to as much risk.