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News: Victorian Liberals to Abolish Motorcycle Levy

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. The Liberal Party today announced it would abolish the Bracks Government's unfair and discriminatory $53.90 motorcycle safety levy.

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  2. Hmm. I might have to start looking at the $50 levy as an annual fee for the privilege of not having a liberal state government... Is Doiley still running that show? sorry, can't bring myself to vote for somebody who looks like a deflated Kerry Packer.

    Either way, seeing as they've got bollocks-all chance of saluting at the next election, this is a bit of a stunt - although a welcome one. Napthine is to be commended for his efforts.
  3. Alleluia. :dance: But why on earth does it have to wait another 15 months before they abolish it? :?
  4. Sorry to say, it is not enough to get me to vote for teh spoilt little child with no ideas of his own but just a continuos run of interviews saying the the government got it wrong and they could do better (Has Doil ever put forth a policy that wasn't just a reaction to a curent government initiative (Good or bad)?)
  5. Yep, what he said :)
  6. very true, after all commercial news programs are always screaming out for state opposition leaders to outline detailed policy plans during their 12 minutes of actual news (the rest being sport, ads and a token medical breakthrough that should be out of testing an in hospitals if all goes to plan in eight years.)

    the reality is an opposition leader is lucky to get six seconds of coverage a night on a news program, just long enough to say 'the government is crap we can do better.' though robert doyle is usually trying to outline a new liberal policy but instead has to use his six seconds to say 'no there is not a new threat on my position as leader.' :grin:

    ..i do agree though that he isn't the most charismatic of blokes :p
  7. Doyle is a tosspot. Bracks is a tosspot.

    We get to vote for one of the liars come election time.

    The libs will not remove the levy. That is just vote buying bullshit.

    Bracks sucked everyone in when he said "no more WRB" the silly looking twit even signed an agreement with the MRAA.
    Fat lot of good that did. A politician is a PC way of saying LIAR.
  8. Why is it that they are not accoutable for the promises they make?
    Yes we can chose to to vote next time, but many forget.

    So why is there not a list of things they promise, and if not done within a certain time frame something happens.
    Fined, pay cut, time in office shortened something!
  9. Sen you are such a softy...
    I say Firing squad.
    Or in the case of WRB's half an hour in the forest with a couple of bikie gangs (Then again the firing squad could be more humain)
  10. WRB's i agree with you, same with armco.
    I don't mine paying the $53.90 tax if
    1. all road users paid it
    2. Was being used to benifit motorcyclists, more then what it is.

    BIG ONE cyclist had to pay something !!!!!!!

    They recieve $9 million a year to fund projects etc.
    Plus own lanes, parking etc.
    They pay diddly squat, yet they get more then us who pay rego + the tax.
  11. Theres a good chance the libs will remove the levy , then immediately at $56 to motorcycle registrations soon after, if a pollie moves his lips he's lying
    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  12. Don't worry

    The last time the mraa aligned itself with a liberal politician he lost his seat.
    Chooklotto does not speak for me and there is no way in hell I would be voting for that cane toad that leads the libs.
  13. Kinda like trying to pick the lesser of two evils, isn't it? :p
  14. Thats probably why he only got 8500 signatures, but if you agreed with the petition but didn't sign it just because of damien , no wonder nothing ever happens :grin: :grin:
  15. I hope it happens but as many have already said not likely as they are all liers :---) and it doesnt really matter who you vote for cause they are all the same. TRUE!!

    Lets not give up hope but, as I will vote for anyone if they give me some reasonable policies, however I hold little hope in regards to there honesty but will not just let them do as they please. (as much as I can). I would rather see "whoever" voted in and if they dont do a good job vote em out and visa versa. :?

    2 party race is not healthy, we need more real options! :idea: What about forming the bikers party. :LOL:
  16. Good point and yes it's because chookie did organise the petition and other crap that has done nothing but divide the motorcycling community.
  17. I agree about chooklotto and both the Handbasket and I are on his sh1t list (along with 90% of Melbourne motorcyclists - and vice versa) :LOL: .

    I agree about aligning with political parties too. Lobbying organisations shouldn't align too closely with a particular party. The other lot will cut you off at the knees when they come to power...

    Chookie (good name that...) is a PITA and causes more problems than he resolves. I've heard that he's associated with the libs and I do wonder if he'd be as enthusiastic about organising the petition if they were in power.

    Still, if you agree with the petition then you should sign it...

  18. Every opposition party offers the world to whoever they think will vote for them and get them into power. And generally, they all go back on their word using some bullshit excuse or other as to why they can't do it. All of a sudden they can't afford to abolish the tax.

    I'll believe the liberals will abolish the safety tax when they do it.