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News: Valentino's future starting to look obvious?

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Media speculation connecting Valentino Rossi with a possible move to Formula One racing will step up a gear next week when the MotoGP champion tests for Ferrari at Valencia. Although Rossi has tested for the Italian team before, it will be the first time he has participated in a multi-team session.

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  2. Results just in!

    While others are testing the 06' MotoGP bikes around The Island, Rossi the genius, can catch up to these guys latter, and make it up as he goes along.

    The Doctor has larger fish to fry:

    Rossi 9th using LAST YEARS F1 Ferrari:

    1. Fernando Alonso Renault-Renault 1m 11.229s 47 laps M *
    2. Jenson Button Honda-Honda 1m 11.332s 86 laps M *
    3. Michael Schumacher Ferrari-Ferrari 1m 11.814s 71 laps B *
    4. Juan Montoya McLaren-Mercedes 1m 11.978s 68 laps M *
    5. Rubens Barrichello Honda-Honda 1m 12.063s 115 laps M *
    6. Heikki Kovalainen Renault-Renault 1m 12.122s 32 laps M *
    7. Jacques Villeneuve BMW-Sauber 1m 12.622s 75 laps M *
    8. Ricardo Zonta Toyota-Toyota 1m 12.668s 78 laps B *
    9. Valentino Rossi Ferrari-Ferrari 1m 12.851s 53 laps B
    10. David Coulthard Red Bull-Ferrari 1m 12.891s 36 laps M *
    11. Alex Wurz Williams-Cosworth 1m 12.925s 82 laps B
    12. Gary Paffett McLaren-Mercedes 1m 12.937s 115 laps M
    13. Mark Webber Williams-Cosworth 1m 13.050s 68 laps B *
    14. Jarno Trulli Toyota-Toyota 1m 13.075s 108 laps B *
    15. Robert Kubica BMW-Sauber 1m 13.353s 69 laps M

    M denotes Michelin tyres / B denotes Bridgestone tyres / * denotes 2006 car.
  3. Good stuff by rossi, i think within the next few years he will join f1 or a lower category of open wheel racing, there is just nothing left for him to achieve in gp bikes.

    Hope webber does better this year too.
  4. I'd like to see him win on a Ducati... and then a Kawasaki... and even a Suzuki.
  5. It's impressive, but not really indicative of anything. We don't know which cars were running full race settings, fuel loads, etc.

    But just being in the same ballpark as those guys is impressive.
  6. Temper his testing times with the facts that ....

    1) It is testing. Times are rarely a true indication, especially this early in the season.

    2) He was using last year's car (more downforce) with a V10 engine. I am yet to find out if this engine was restricted as per 2006 regs or was in full 2005 spec.