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News: VACC calls on government to rethink 2 wheels

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, May 5, 2006.

  1. The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has called upon the State Government and VicRoads to rethink 2 wheeled road transport and implement some fresh ideas.

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  2. well I be...

    they actualy thought things through for a change and made some reasonable reasonable requests...

    Pity VACC has less power and sway then RACV...

    (I have no idea why an insurance company would have more power than VACC with in the goverment....)
  3. That's the sort of forward thinking we need.
  4. You would be surprised just how much sway the VACC does indeed have. We it comes to motorcycling, you'll find the govt listens to them more than RACV.
  5. so bugger all then, i think the only people the guvmint listen too are thier financial advisors telling them when to buy and sell stocks/shares :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    but at least they are making some enlightened suggestions instead of the usual policy of ignorance,

    i can just see the pushbike lobby getting up in arms about scooters sharing thier lanes though
  6. :applause: :applause: :applause:
    Yay! Not everybody hates us. :grin:
  7. "that Victoria adopt LAMS (learner Approved Motorcycle Schemes), as has been adopted
    by NSW and SA.", stuff that, i just bought my 250, if that rule comes in, no one would want my bike later down the track
  8. Nah .. teh 250 market si still strong in NSW and SA. Most of the bikes > 250cc that are available on LAMS are really on appealing to a small percentage of newbie buyers.
  9. The majority of people in NSW still get 250's and they are still overpriced.
    Theres not many good cheap bigger LAMs bikes, some great new ones for sure, but it will take a few years for the cheap secondhand ones to really effect the market.

    250s are light and ideal to learn on so will stay popular. They can just be a bit cramped for larger riders so its nice to have more options available.
    Greenslip (you Victorians think you have it bad with $50 safety levy hey) are almost twice as much for a LAMs 500+ too.
  10. What are "boxed turns"? :?
  11. With positive action like this I could be swayed to move south of the border!
    That's awesome news.

    I doubt all would be immediately adopted, but certainly fantastic that this has been put forward by people in a position that may actually be listened to.
  12. Well this doesnt really effect me but I can see some good idea in there, hope it works out for you guys :)
  13. I wonder if "boxed turns" are like the hook turns that you see the signs for in the city and for a while in Clarendon St, South Melbourne. IFAIK they seem to be on the roads where a right-turning vehicle could posssibly "block" the run of a tram through an intersection.
  14. Do we all agree that this statement is fair? Allow only scooters and mopeds to use bicycle lanes?

    I would have thought that they would have included all two wheeled transport. All motorcycles fit in bicycle lanes and they don't cause any problems.

    Most of the recommendations VACC have made to Govt were those which came out of the VACC Motorcycle Forum of which I was but one of the 80 riders who came up with what the VACC has put out....... and this proposal wasn't one that was discussed :mad: and certainly if it had I would have argued for including all two wheeled transport.
  15. Firstly, I doubt they have more sway.

    Secondly, the RACV is *NOT* an insurance company. They badge engineer insurance policies that are created by Insurance Manufacturers of Australia, and sell it with the RACV label. But insurance is just 1 section of the entire company.

    The core parts of the RACV have always been the roadside membership (which is a mutual) and the motoring advocacy. Finance, insurance, drive school, etc, are all side interests for the organisation.
  16. The RACV also has a club and various accomodation facilities around the state.
  17. Insurance represented 148.5 million in revenue for RACV in 2005 - the highest (by over 35 mill) of any of it's other business units.

    The RACV is most definantly an insurance company first.
  18. The VACC publication, linked to in the news item, explains exactly what it is, including a picture.
  19. I like the boxed turn concept. :grin:
  20. I'm feeling dumb right now but I just don't understand the concept of boxed turn. I looked at the picture in their document, and I still don't understand it. It looks a bit like those 'hooked turns' I've seen on some streets in Melbourne, but to be honest, I didn't understand them either (but I didn't drive when I was there, so it didn't matter...) Could someone explain how they are supposed to work and what is their advantage?