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News: USA DJ's call for drivers to hurt lane splitters

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. San Francisco, California (USA) riders are in uproar and protest over a local and popular FM radio's morning primetime DJ encouraged drivers to open doors on lane splitting riders.

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  2. Seriously .... WTF....

    How can you be so selfish. We aren't harming them by lane splitting why should they hurt us. If i was on something with a bit of power id bend their door forward.

    Reading it fully, you can see quite clearly they are just having a cry because we get to work first. We aren't harming them though, we actually make the road clearer, as mention in all the lanesplitting threads.
  3. Hope those guys lose their jobs over that one at least - it's tantamount to inciting assualt.
  4. i just dont know what to say to something like that. unfookingbelievable

    it's america though, i hope every rider that ever gets hit by a car door will sue him for it
  5. Thanks to my mates in Australia- Nice to see ya support us yanks!

    California is the only state to allow lane-sharing... and commuting in rush hour traffic is quite the challenge here (with all the folks on cell phones, it's bad enough!)



    (PS If any of ya end up in the San Francisco Bay Area- look me up if ya wanna ride some twisties: www.eastbaysportbikes.com)
  6. Im always worried about some a-hole opening their door or reaching out and grabbing my arm (which would cause me to stear into the car) while splitting.
    I often hesitate to split because of it.

    But if someone ever does I doubt I could keep my cool :twisted:
    They would want to be pretty big otherwise they better have a spare set of keys.

    I think its legal in Texas too, they made the changes a few months ago.
    But yeah, if its legal to split in the state than whoever opens their door on a bike is going to get sued for whiplash for a hunderd million dollars. :LOL:
  7. That bill got canned.
  8. Had the rear passenger of a car lean out the window and try and grab me once. But this wasn't whilst I was lane splitting, no this was an oncoming car in a 100kph zone :shock:. Managed to swerve away from him, still not sure which of us it would have hurt most had he been succesful (guessing they were probably drunk). Moral of the story - lanesplitting's not the only time drivers/passengers are going to try something stupid that endangers you.
  9. when i was in the city of sao paolo(brazil), a population equal to that of the whole of australia, a local told me that due to their massive congestion on the roads that motorcyclist there have an average lifespan of 5yrs.

    now i don't know if that's true or not but he says that if a car driver hits a bike they always drive off cause if they stop then every single rider who comes by will get off his bike and beat the crap out of the driver.

    this i assume has the effect of drivers being more careful of riders.

    and yes, brazil is a crazy place! :)
  10. No fool had better try that on air in Australia, even if it is illegal here now, thats just wrong! :evil:
  11. Ow :cry: And I all excited that something inteligent had come out of Texas to make up for Dubya.
  12. Hey Dragon,

    I just saw a sort TV segment on Ortega Hwy which according to the narrator is a must ride.. Looks like miles and miles of twisties on class A roads..?

    Just wondering if you have ever done a run through Ortega hwy? If so is it all its cracked up to be?

  13. Interesting to see this going international.

    Things have calmed down a bit, and we are looking at working with the station to get some good word for the hooligan.er..motorcycle community put out over the airwaves.

    Texas and Washington were both slated to legalize filtering, so far it has been a wash, which is sad.

    Ignore anything you've read about me on BARF, I'm much more perverse than most of my posts allude to :p

    If dragon says otherwise, I'll post photos of him groping himself in full leathers. :LOL:
  14. Sued for whiplash? The edge of an open car door would fcuking hurt, i doubt anyone would be in condition for kicking some one arse afterwrads?
  15. Shows what type of stupid attitudes we're up against trying to make lane filtering legal.
  16. Maybe someone in a helmet and leathers tore his mirror off, or dented a door panel while he has waiting at the lights... :-s
  17. to copy past what im seeing on lj

    original post
  18. Tony- Ortega hwy is way south of where I'm at and have not ridden that road (yet).

    If you'd like to see some pics and descriptions of the roads in California: http://www.pashnit.com.
  19. Sadly the core issue in this, people being 'frustrated' (read: jealous) of bikes being able to cut through traffic, is not something that will go away easy. This is a problem with humanity, not rider education or awareness toward the general public. To change that, we would have to delete envy from the human DNA code.
  20. Listened to his reply........ maaaan he waffles on for hours.... It took him 8 minutes to say... "oops"... not only that but he apologises for a while and then he accuses people of misquoting him...