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News: Suzuki's new street fighter

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Suzuki's all-new GSR600 street fighter has arrived in Australia.

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  2. wow..... never been a huge suzzie fan, but that looks hot ;)
  3. 'bout time! I've had my eye on these beasties lately!
  4. Tell you what that aint a bad looking bike and the price isnt to bad either
  5. Hell Yeah! :cool:
    I've been looking around at a few mid-range bikes,
    Namely Yamaha FZ6 and the Suzuki SV650, but this might be a real contender, nice looking and nice price!
  6. Good looking bike, realistic price, and a direct competitor to Yams FZ6, but what is so 'streetfighter' about it? Its just another naked middleweight built to a price.
  7. Yarr, apparently everything without fairings is a street fighter these days...

    Damn nice looking bike though streetfighter or not...

    Still haven't seen any power specs on it anywhere. Anyone got any figures??
  8. yeah my understanding of a street-fighter, is a one of custom style bike, anything that is mass produced is hardly unqiue, still this will be one bike i will be adding to my list once of restrictions
  9. SUZUKI GSR600K6


    Engine type
    4-stroke, in-line 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC

    Bore x stroke
    67.0mm x 42.5mm


    Compression ratio

    38mm SDTV fuel injection

    Oil capacity
    3.6 litres

    Ignition system
    Electronic ignition (transistorised)

    Starter system

    Lubrication system
    Wet sump

    6-speed, constant mesh

    Primary drive ratio
    79/41 (1.974)

    Final drive ratio
    48/16 (3.000)

    Frame type
    Twin-spar (aluminium alloy)

    25.5 degree / 105.0mm

    43mm telescopic forks, fully adjustable spring pre-load
    Link-type, coil spring, oil damped, spring pre-load 7-way adjustable, rebound damping force fully adjustable

    17M/C x MT3.50, cast aluminium alloy
    17M/C x MT5.50, cast aluminium alloy

    4-piston calipers, 310mm dual disc brake
    1-piston caliper, 240mm disc brake

    120/70 ZR17M/C, tubeless
    180/55 ZR17M/C, tubeless

    Fuel tank
    16.5 litres

    Overall length

    Overall width

    Overall height


    Ground clearance

    Seat height

    Dry weight

    Candy Blue

    Two-year unlimited km

    I've been waiting for this bike to come out. :grin: :grin:
  10. Ta LouLou, seen those.

    Still searching for the magic Hp/Kw/Nm figures tho...
  11. Boring!

    Could have been so much better and more like the mighty 'B-King'.
  12. can you explain for us that aren't aware? I am guessing you are referring to the bandit? :?
  13. B-king was Suzuki's naked, supercharged concept bike, based on a Hayabusa- a true streetfighter!

    If it ever makes it into production, I'm sure they will tame it down quite a bit.
  14. @ Loulou4:

    Still waiting on the power specs! :p
  15. sheesh... that's a lot cheaper then I thought it would be :eek:

    Suddenly the gsr is in contention for my next bike pick :?
  16. This is what it is meant to be based on...looks a bit 'pale' in comparisson don't you think :?:

    It is very cheap but I'd personally rather pay the extra and get something cool.
  17. that B king is wild! I dont mind the new suzi there for that sort of money, good buying, but i want to know the amount of ponies it has too
  18.  Top
  19. ah ok thanks for that as for differences personally both look hot, prefer the tail on the gsr over the b-king, but hey thats whats great about personal taste.... but yeah geez the specs are just a little different though ;)