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News: Superbike Star Gets Motorcycle Licence

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Australian Superbike rider, Robbie Bugden passed his motorcycle licence test in Queensland today.

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  2. so does this mean he had to get his L's?? :?
    and if he did have to get his L's, are you allowed to ride a 1000 on them in QLD??

    I know he's more than capable of riding it with his wealth of road racing experience, but it didn't say if it was his L's that he got??

    Just curious....
  3. Interesting point. How old is he? If he's 17 or 18, then I can't see how he could ride a large bike on the roads. I doubt that the government would grant him any concessions.

    Maybe he's on a full licence, if he's over 21. Does QLD have exemptions for riders on a full car licence?

    Anyway, sounds like a few pro racers that I know or knew. Not many of them had road licences at all, nor were interested in obtaining them.
  4. I doubt I'd get one. It'd be so damn hard to go from racing on the track, and then having to get out on the road and stick to what would feel like a painfully slow speed. It'd be safer to just not go near a road!
  5. If he's gone through the Q-Ride system then he can do the extra training and assessment and go to a large bike straight away...
  6. It's funny, when my sister was getting her "P" plates there was a race-rider also getting her plates. She had a wealth of experience on the track, but couldn't master the slow speeds!

    The courses are essential for ANY rider, but I'm unsure as to whether he should have an exemption for getting a thou'.
  7. He's 25yo.