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News: Scooter craze causing a sharp rise in injuries/deaths

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. "Hospital emergency department officials are seeing what motorcyclists have been saying for a while - poorly protected scooter riders are the cause for an alarming increase in the statistics for crashes, injuries, and deaths recorded against motorcycles." ....


  2. hahahahahahahahaha....ahem. He's not serious is he?
  3. Damn Moronic to think an 80km/h fall wont hurt or even kill you. :roll:
  4. I'm sure he is, you only have to take a look at the majority of scooter riders to see that it's a viewpoint they would agree with.
  5. I would like to see the actual percentages of numbers of injuries per scooters versus motorcycles rather than random comments from hospital staff ..
    I know of only one fatality in the past 2 years in SA and not the fault of the scooter rider .
  6. Did you read the article? It specifically says police and hospitals don't distinguish between motorcycles and scooters when recording stats.
    Additionally, they're comments were far from random instead being very precise with the same viewpoint coming from the emergency directors of Melbourne's 2 largest emergency hospitals.
  7. Who is this f**kwit???? (mental note to self....stay away from Melbourne Crusaders Scooter Club) Surely he can't be serious!

    I am a scooter rider (Aprilia Sportcity 200cc) and it's this sort of attitude that makes me realise why so many motorbike riders dismiss scooter riders as a joke. To my way of thinking there are two sorts of scooter riders: the ones who ride because it is a "trendy" and cheap way of getting from A to B and the ones who ride because they love to just get out and RIDE. How many of the first group have ever got out and done some twisty roads and hairpin bends, just for the fun of it?

    As to the thinking that as long as you don't go fast then you won't get hurt if you fall off......hallo???? Is there a special cushioned ashphalt that these people are riding on that has escaped my attention? If you fall off, the ground is hard, simple as that and regardless of speed. Anyone with even half a brain cell should be able to understand that.

    My son is currently recovering from a second foot operation following an accident that occurred at about 5kph. My husband came off his first scooter (50cc Jolie) at about 10 kph or less when he came off after hitting an oil patch and ended up with a sprained ankle and if he had not been wearing full protective gear would have suffered extremely bad grazing after a slide down the road. He has now upgraded to 500cc Scarabeo. Neither of us would ever dream of getting out on the road without ATGATT.

    I just despair of people sometimes. Photo in the paper today of Naomi Watts and her husband on a scooter in Sydney both wearing shorts. I guess if these people don't give a flying f**k about their bodies, then that's their business, but unfortunately their actions affect the rest of us in the statistics.

    Can I just say to all motorbike riders, please don't lump all scooter riders in the idiot category. There are some of us out there who are not trying to be Audrey Hepburn. We just love to ride like you.
  8. While I agree with everything else you and others have said... not at 10 kph he wouldnt have. Been unlucky to get skinned knees and elbows at that speed... in the wet maybe just very very red skin. I mean at that speed its a jogging fall really.. and not even a fast jogger.

    Which of course does not mean you cannot get killed at that speed... its just really unlikely.

    The couple of times I have crashed pushies at over 50 kph it hurt a lot. Didnt lose heaps of skin or scar myself for life but it was absolutely no fun. (Neither was the 20 or so blokes landing on top of me) If I could wear more gear I absolutely would. I wear 2 jerseys whenever possible... its so minimal by motorcycle standards but it makes a real difference.
  9. 'twould be a crying shame if Naomi Watts' legs got badly scarred...
  10. what a flog....
    that's all i got for Mr Scooter man...
  11. Yes I read the article Jason and agree that scooter riders should wear more protection , no argument there but I would still like to see the comparison between scooter riders and motorcyclists . Yes they admit that statistics are unavailable and that is a shame because we dont get to see the full and accurate picture.
  12. Some interesting research that seems to confirm this:

    There's varying evidence on the safety of scooters in the paper but seems to be a consensus on them being just as dangerous as motorcycles, or in fact far more dangerous. Certainly not the reduced risk of a crash most people seem to perceive (they may be ridden slow in cities but that just makes them more vulnerable to being hit by cars).
  13. If a part of the body is trapped under the bike and dragged even a short distance you can get through the skin into the meaty bits fairly quickly.
    That's not something you would need to worry about on a pushy.
  14. Pretty low chance of that on a step through scooter as well. had a couple of low speed falls and as Percrime said only a minor graze. Having said that it is very rare for me to ride without gear, a policy that has saved me twice.

    As for our friend at Melbourne Crusaders??? Perhaps a nomination for the Darwin Awards, in advance?
  15. Gravel rash or not, as has been already observed, the ground is HARD.

    Surely the 'it can't happen to me in my mini-skirt and top' is no different to the cruiser riders' 'it can't happen to me in my plastic helmet and cut-offs'??? The law of averages says that it can, and probably will.

    Can someone please conduct a poll of the people in the survey in question and ask them, simply, 'what sort of gear are you going to wear next time you ride?'?
  16. Yeah.. ok thats true enough if pretty unlikely on a scooter. I suppose being fat enough might make a difference too.
  17. this is one thread i wont be asking for pics as proof, Paul :p :shock: :LOL:
  18. Yes, I wonder if, as they slide across the HARD ground they think "Sh*t, why didn't I wear ATG?"
  19. I ran this article past a mate who works in emergency. He said while there are no official records, he rekons that maybe 2 thirds of the riders they get during mild or cooler months are scooter riders. But during hot weather, he rekons its about even.
  20. The fact Scooter riders can ride on just a "C" class licence, without the need to go through the instruction / test phase is what gets me.

    The majority of time I spent while recieving instruction (while going for my bike licence) was not on how to ride but where - road position ect.

    what worries me it the fact these people jsut jump on uneducated, without the correct riding attitude.