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News: Riders go nude, for safety

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. As it stands, more than half of all crashes involving motorcyclists can be blamed on drivers who fail to notice the smaller road user. It's enough for riders ask the rhetorical question: "What do we have to do to get noticed?" Ride naked, perhaps.

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  2. Some people look better than others - but I'm all for the concept.
    This fine young rider certainly got nocticed!


  3. woulda been so much better wif a g banger
  4. Why G??? he gets enough action :evil:
  5. Hullo!!

    This begs the question - where do you put your "lunchbox" if you're riding au naturale? What's the riding etiquette?
    Do you lay it up along the back of the fuel tank... pointing north? Do the boys flop down on either side of the front of the seat for artistic symmetry?

    Does the seat have to be replaced after the ride??
  6. disposable greaseproof paper. to cater for anything unexpected.

    i guess it depends on whether you are left or right handed.....
  7. LOL, it's a very brave and naked rider who is willing to dismount their ride - not only legs akimbo and displaying more than they thought, but with greaseproof paper wedged up their clacker.
  8. Hey,
    the pic tittles on top of the pop up box read ninja butt 4 and ninja butt 2.
    Wheres 1 and 3.
    Your holding out on us.

  9. Here ya go


  10. This one certailnly draws my attention, however, i have some pretty strong hopes that the idea doesn't catch on.
  11. yeah i agree, yellow bikes look like crap :grin:
  12. :LOL: LMAO :LOL: Credit to her. Just hope it wasn't a frosty morning when she jumped on that Kwaka :shock: I have only one problem with riding around mooning those behind me..... :? The likely hood of someone running up my naked butt would increase by double I would think... Due to them watching my ass instead of my brake light :facepalm: I don't think a hood ornament up my butt would feel all that comfy :shock: :LOL:
  13. Show of hands. Who wants to be a tank protector?
  14. :rofl: what a very matt statement :wink:

    as for me, i just want to be naked - on a bike, off a bike, whatever, wherever. i've never understood what the big deal about clothes is. the Republic of Carri27 (my 15x15m square of planet earth) is clothing optional at all times, and when i become president of the world it'll be my first mandated policy. think of the board rooms; the middle east negotiating tables; the war zones; the reduction in security at the airport; the royal gala events ... the fun is endless :grin: :shock: :p

  15. Confirmation that the next Netrider BBQ will be held at carrie's place :grin:
  16. I'll be in on that one vic :LOL:
  17. Whats taking you so long then woman!

    Get the clothes off & the camera out. :grin:
  18. you're missing the point my friend. it's not about exhibitionism but about freedom, comfort and naturalness.... and frankly if more people did it there'd be a whole lot less hoo-ha about it... though i do understand there are legitimate reasons for wearing leather when riding.
  19. Have all of the above as much as you want. Just show how much freedom,
    comfort & naturalness you desire with some pics. :grin: