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News report from US-land.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ljiljan, May 25, 2010.

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  2. didn't you put this same vid in the other thread earlier?
  3. "The kind of riding that has lead to 300 accidents and 13 deaths since 2005 in 5 North Georgia counties."

    Given the start to the year we've had in Victoria, those numbers actually strike me as extremely low. Wonder how that compares to the some of our favourite haunts...
  4. I gotta say I was impressed with how they stressed it was the minority that did warp speed. Can't imagine the media here being so objective...
  5. yeh i did. thought it could have its own thread.
  6. They also steered clear of any 3AW / wowser talk of punishment / crushing motorcycles / legislating them off the road. I'm guessing that over there, there are certain politicians and a certain political party that stands against that kind of shit.
  7. I'm amazed they didn't say American cruisers were obeying the law and riding safely while foreign sportsbikes were speeding and killing kittens.

    +1 to the point about media stressing that it was a handful who were doing the speeding. We get a much more biased coverage here.

    (Though, that being said, I did spot a positive piece in the age the other day.)