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News: Qld riders to come under police fire after road summit

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. "As a result of the summit we have launched Campaign 300 to save lives and protect innocent Queenslanders from drivers who don't think about the safety of others - and that includes motorcyclists," Premier Peter Beattie said.

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  2. 20% of fatalities in Qld are motorcyclists, and 78% of accidents are the riders fault :shock:. That's some scary stats, perhaps the Q-ride system doesn't work that well after all.
  3. They are some very interesting stats concidering that the SA Statistics found that 57% of accidents between drivers and riders were the drivers fault
  4. I read that in the topic lists as Old riders... etc. :?

    Since it's Qld I guess most of us OFARCs can breathe easier now...

    :LOL: :LOL:
  5. and less of them wear protective gear :?
  6. Interesting, so does that mean Qld'ers can't ride, or that South Australians can't drive :-k :p
  7. Well from never riding to being able to ride anything you like in 2.5 days, what do you think!
  8. i wonder what the age groups there are like? as in, is it the experienced riders, the noobs, or the born agains that are the biggest problem?
  9. 20% of fatalaties, but 20% of accidents...?

    Obviously if riders do crash, they are more likely to be seriously injured or die. Comparing it with 'cage' safety is apples vs oranges, as the safety features are completely different (as are the physics of operating them).

    There is no prevalent age groups from what I can tell, I've heard of new riders and experienced riders being involved in the fatal accidents last year...

    I don't know if it's endemic to the state, the culture or anything else. It's a huge state and there are heaps of great riding places, and the weather (esp winter) allows for more time on the road...

    Stuff like this shows how Australia is crying out for a 'Hurt report' style study to anaylse some of these figures...
  10. Looking at the QLD stats by far the largest group is the 30-39 age range with 30 deaths in 2003 - more than all other age groups combined :shock:.
  11. and i'd be guessing the majority of these would be the born agains. blokes that had their licence before they had kids and are now free from kids and possibly divorced and looking to recapture their youth again (like my dad :LOL: :LOL: )

    people that rode the hottest bikes 20 years ago are going to get a bit of a suprise when they wrap open the throttle on that new zx14 :shock: at least my old man knows this, he wont touch my bike with a 10 foot pole :LOL:
  12. I have to admit that, even though I thought Qride was great, I got my licence in a total of 12 hours on a bike over a period of 1 and a half days. I am licensed to ride anything, and I had never ridden before.

    I have paced myself and started on a nice little 250 even being able to ride a turbo 'busa or some other death machine, and I have made it through 2 years of commuting 1000kms per week. But... My little sister, my mum and dad and my partner all got their licences the same way and I am a nervous wreck every time they go on a ride.

    I just know that until they have a few thousand km's under their belt, they won’t be prepared enough for the craziness that you find out on the open road.

    Qride is just not enough preparation.

    Saying that though, the amount of bloody squids up here is an issue, especially scooter riders. So maybe before we go Qride bashing, it might be time to introduce compulsory rider training for scooter riders too. I’m sure they have been placed into the “Motorcyclist” category for the purpose of this study.
  13. Scooters have a significantly lower fatality rate than motorcycles (lower injury rate as well). Whether that remains so with the advent of higher performace scooters remains to be seen. Scooters of 50cc and under have the lowest injury rate across the board (that's on a per capita basis not just an absolute basis).

  14. If it's the 30-39 age group then they aren't the "born agains". They are probably first time riders. It's the 40+ that are the ones who would be returning to riding.

    One of the big failings of the system is that there is no study into the amount of experience (as opposed to length of time a licence is held) when it comes to crashes. Another failing is that police generally are not trained in crash evaluation (apart from some specific specialists) and traditionally it's been a tick-the-box method of attributing fault by the cops on the scene - especially in rural or regional areas where the specialists aren't necessarily available. It's easier to attribute all blame to the rider - especially if he or she is not around to speak for themselves.

    If the Queensland figures are different to other states (as it would appear) it's possible that the figures themselves could be questioned.

  15. as opposed to... the mountain the rider went flying off?

  16. I agree with scottomcgotto, I did my QRide in 2 days and from never ever riding before, to being legal to ride anything and everything, is just a bit ridiculous.

    IMHO the exercices etc that they put you through in QRide aren't realistic enough to show you what you need to know in the real world. True it teaches you low speed maneuvering and braking and cornering, but it's all bare basics, and you have maybe an hour of experience in each of these, in total.

    I think QRide sort of takes the approach of showing you the basics, and then expecting you to go out into the real world to practice and implement these. Wrong approach, I recon.

    Even though I had a open licence I got a 250 Virago to start, and now I have an SV650. I'm very glad I started on the 250, it's a hell of a lot more forgiving and easier to learn on...
  17. I'm specifically referring to multi vehicle crashes. There seems to be an inordinate difference between the Qld Stats and other states. Qld puts the fault on riders in the majority of cases. Other states (and insurance companies) have it the other way around.

    Again, in a single vehicle crash it's easier to tick the rider/driver fault box rather than look for the contributing factors (gravel on roads, roadside hazards etc. etc.)

    Yes, I know that people should ride to conditions... but that still doesn't excuse poorly maintained roads, bad engineering etc. etc. which can often contribute.

  18. Full stats for Qld in 2003 can be found here (pdf file). Interesting to look at the breakdown of motorcylists involved in crashes by age and gender and whether or not they were responsible. Perhaps most disturbing are the 9 13-15 year olds and 2 8-12s :shock: directly responsible for causing a crash (ie. they were the ones riding at the time - not pillions).
  19. Your Virago must have some miles on it :shock:
  20. rbarge: is that a new bike you have in your profile? :)