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News: Norway bans Wire Rope Barriers to safe riders lives

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Last week, Norway's government followed on from the Dutch government and acknowledged the safety risk to riders from Wire Rope Barriers and banned their usage, after years of lobbying from the Norwegian Motorcycle Union. Netrider wonders how much longer will it take the Australian and state governments to recognise their mistake and face-up to the reality that lower installation costs is not a substitute for rider lives and much higher ongoing maintenance costs?

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  2. I think I'll move to Norway. :grin:

    I wonder myself how long it will take before we see common sence and reason take the place of stupidity and pig headedness in Australian governments. I think I might be waiting a while. :?

    Unfortunately we're seen (in Vic at least) as an expendable resource. A good source of revenue but not valuable enough to protect. :?
  3. It will take long and more sorrows before they listen.
  4. I wonder what type of barriers are planned for the new eastlink freeway?
  5. Great...

    pity the Tas gum'nt with full endorsment of the so call "peak Tasmanian motorists lobby" is rolling out more and more of teh cheese cutters.

    stinking backwards beaurocrats.

    RACT gets no more memebership from me.
  6. With the amount of WRB's here in Bacchus now I think they might be structural, weight bearing fixtures. If they tear 'em down now Bacchus might just collapse!
  7. There will be no more WRB's "beyond those already installed"!!!!!!!!

    So they are not going to take the existing dangerous structures down? That's just asking for a lawsuit isn't it.
  8. Interesting question that.

    Citylink has concrete and I cant think of any WRB's from Toorak Rd to Bulla Rd.

    I presume Eastlink will be maintained by Eastlink and hopefully as a part of the design phase they've looked at the cost to fix WRB's over the 30 years or so they will maintain the tollway (assuming it's a similar deal to Citylink) and will go for concrete which needs zero maintainance compared with WRB's which, while cheaper to install, will need to be repaired everytime they are hit.
  9. i'm even not a fan of the armco barriers, Rod highsided over them and killed himself last weekend, wouldn't it be smarter to have a higher barrier on known 'twistys' with maybe a bit of flex in them?

    i dunno..
  10. I noticed yet again this last weekend the number of damaged and unrepaired WRB is growing. Some I've gone past have remained unrepaired for three months or more, and unlike armco the entire section is effectively useless in that state. It seems the authorities are reticent to spend money reinstalling them when they become damaged. Probably didn't budget for it when they decided to introduce them.
  11. Or probably more appropriately, by failing to repair them they are not incurring the cost and thus when it comes to teh balance sheet they can show that they're aren't costing more to maintain - simply because they aren't maintaining them!
  12. Trouble is Matty we will then have ugly catch fences all over the side of the roads (think Albert Park Grand Prix track) the idea of the WRB's & armco is to catch the occasional mistake and wont save everyone everytime as someone will find a way to crash over the top sooner or later.

    Maybe they should introduce a new tax on sports bikes to pay for high catch fences at the twisties, after all why should people who go nowhere near Healesville/Marysville/Reefton/Warby have to pay for it.

    It's all about probability & costs, in other words how likely is it to happen and often and how much will it cost to prepare or prevent it happening.

    Gee you're a cynic Jason.

    A government department would never do that :LOL:
  13. Oooooooooooh I hope you have your flame suit on! :evil:

    Why sports bikes? Does nobody else fall off? Why not a tax on cruisers because they are not made to go around corners?

    I have a sports bike, and I would have to get a map out to find any of those places you mentioned.

    Perhaps if the Govy didn't waste their/our money putting WRB's anywhere and everywhere, then they'd have enough money to put good barriers up where they're needed.
  14. I think it's important to keep a bit of a wider perspective on this topic, especially given the nature of public roads not being race tracks. I'm certainly not one to speak when it comes to going for a blat in the hills, but there are limits that should be adhered to on public roads - not necessarily referring to speed limits, but just limits.
  15. 99.99% of the people on here would realise I'm kidding, I actually had a bigger list initially (sports, cruisers, Hi po cars) but dropped it down to just sports bikes to use as an example only.

    I've always said ban low performance drivers/riders and not high performance vehicles.

    I'm now going into hiding for a few hours :wink: