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News: New Zealand to get a MotoGP round?

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by pvda, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Aus Moto GP to move to NZ !!

    Heard a contributor on the Rumour File on 3AW this morning say that he had heard that the Moto GP was going to move from PI to NZ when the current contract runs it's course. Now remember it is a rumour but the Moto GP is run by the Grand Prix Corporation and it does lose money hand over fist.

    I hope this isn't the case & I'm surprised by it as I would've thought the Superbikes would've been the first to go as it's the one with the smaller crowd & is actually run by Phillip Island Operations (PI Ops) as opposed to the government funded GP corp for the Moto GP.

  2. Re: Aus Moto GP to move to NZ !!

    Chinese whispers! :) Like all good rumours, it has a basis of valid information but the rest is just pure guessing/possibility.

    The basis of information is that a couple of weeks ago the NZ govt announced funding of $2mill over 3 years to the Taupo Motorsport Park in NZ (Nth Island). It will be used to bring the current (only 3 mths old) track up to international standards so that it could be used for the likes of MotoGP, A1 GP, etc. The track says that securing a MotoGP round is their priority, and are currently negotiating with Dorna (owners of MotoGP)

    Will Dorna pull the AUS round and move it to NZ? .. I very much doubt it. If Dorna does give NZ a MotoGP round, it is far more likely to slot in an additional round - perhaps the space in August, or maybe that's why the AUS round has now moved from Oct to Sept?
  3. The guy was saying that next year's MotoGP would be the last at PI. Thing is though is that Dorna sign up MotoGP contracts with tracks for 5 year blocks. PI's current contract expires *this year*. Now for what he was saying to be true, that would mean that Dorna would only be signing over a 1 year contact to PI for next year, and they haven't done that sort of arrangement for years. Either PI will get re-signed as a MotoGP track for the next 5 years, or this year will be the last.

    Better yet, this may just be the impetus that Fox needs to stop his political posturing and expecting the taxpayer to fund improvements to PI, and instead sink some of his own money into it and prepare it to start taking more workload, rather than walking around threatening everyone that if they don't pay for it for him that PI is going to lose what contracts it presently has.
  4. Rumours and speculation are abound that Phillip Island will lose it's MotoGP round, and New Zealand get it. Truth, misinformation, or chinese whispers?

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  5. This being the last year doesn't add up. Fox wouldn't let it go without a fight, and The NZ tracks' funding is over 3 years, and also dependant upon them securing an international event. I doubt that before next year they coudl secure the event, get the funding from the govt, and tender/complete/certify the building of the new facilities and safety requirements.
  6. Fox is just playing hard-ball to the last minute, IMO.

    I don't believe that we'll lose the Australian round to NZ, far more likely that NZ will just pick up a new calendar slot.

    One thing for a round to move about within a country, quite another for an entire country to lose its round. This rumour smacks of misdirected inter-Tasman rivalry fueled smugness.
  7. So lets have a think about this.

    NZ wants a round, Linfox wants the Gov to pay money so Lindsay can make more money. Why not move it to somewhere else??

    Is there any other track we could move the GP to remembering it's wilderness years at Eastern Creek.

    Forget Bathurst as that's just too dangerous for bikes these days and most of our other tracks are just too short or not flowing enough to be any good.
  8. Albert Park :grin: :LOL:
  9. I heard that after the Spanish round, Dorna was thinking of merging with the international tenpin bowling association, and the reason the PI round is going to NZ is that the kiwis have promised to line the track with nice soft wooly sheep instead of tyres, to catch the riders as they are bowled over.
  10. In the Immortal (or should that be Immoral) words of Sammy Newman

    "you idiot"

    I was waiting for someone to come up with a Spurs run to decide the winner of the GP, now that would be worth seeing.
  11. I'd be more than happy if they sloted in an extra GP (but NO to loosing PI) - be a valid reason to visit the folks :grin:
  12. Taupo would be an awesome spot for a race. Been there a few times for other racing and love the town/people etc. I would love to see another race on the calender that I could go to cheaply.
  13. Re: Aus Moto GP to move to NZ !!

    The reason why it was moved to Sept was to avoid the tobacco advertising ban that comes into force from October 1, this year.

    As for Dorna awarding a round to NZ instead of Oz, I doubt it. It all comes down to $$$. NZ's total population is barely that of Melbourne, let alone Victoria or the rest of the country. Sure, it'd be great to see one there, and I wouldn't mind getting Dave Milligan to organise an UnZud GP trip there either. Perhaps China will lose its round. I dunno. Its attendance figures weren't that flash, even for F1, and China lost the V8s.

    Speaking of PI, two weekends ago a mate visited the Island with a friend from the West. Apparently Repsol Honda was testing there. Or rather, a lot of bikes with Repsol colors, according to him.
  14. The last time PI lost a major bike race contract was the Australian TT in 1976. It got moved to Laverton Air Force base, where a young Australian won a fierce battle with the Italian World Champion (hmmm...sound familiar?)

    I'd have no problems with allowing history to repeat.

    Reigning world champion, Giacomo Agostini was being chased by Kenny Blake (not as young as Stoner, but allow me some literary licence). In the closing laps, Blake passed Agostini and went on to win. For a moment, he was the worlds best rider.


    And it all happened at the end of my street. So, when the GP moves to Laverton, my spare room will be available at very competative rates.

    Just out of interest, this month marks 25 years since Blake's fatal accident at IoM.
  15. Mark how nice of you to link my dear brother's Kenny Blake Tribute page. Phillip and his heavily pregnant wife drove down the Renault 12 station wagon and endured the punishing heat of that memorable day. He still reminds me about it, although it was 30 years ago.

    Kenny Blake, thanks for reminding of many precious memories of a rider who is now only part of history. But what history........

    To paraphrase Joan Baez; "Stars often fall, heroes go unsung, martyrs most certainly die too young" Vale our own King Kenny...
  16. I thought that it was after 1990 when the Kirner government scuttled it when it enforced an anti-tobacco law, and it went to Eastern Creek for the next 6 years...
  17. I read a piece by someone who had done a few laps around the Taupo track. Might have been AMCN?

    Anyway, they said it was fairly dull, with limited passing opportunities. It's no PI.
  18. Maybe, but then my story wouldn't have made sense as Eastern Creek is nowhere near my house. Bloody pedants :wink:
  19. This months Two Wheels had a road test of something (can't remember what bike) at the Taupo track. Yeah, they didn't seem too impressed...
  20. Seconded. Now there was a man who could show that a BMW could be fast, even before BMW themselves knew it. Gone but not forgotten.