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News: New device gives better than Euro II emission standard

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Save the World Air, Inc. announced that recent certified tests of its ZEFS device on a used 4-stroke motorcycle were better than EURO II Standards by significant amounts.

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  2. Hmmm... sounds a lot like a little kerfuffle that lost Peter Brock his Holden factory support a few years ago :)
    Be nice if it works.
  3. I smell snake oil.
  4. Yep. Snake oil.
    It seems they use such announcements to puff out their share price.


    "The foregoing representations by STWA were false and misleading and were made without reasonable basis in fact. The purported licensing agreements and other purported business events simply did not exist, and the ZEFS demonstrations did not prove that the ZEFS actually worked as represented."
  5. 5 years ago though.

    These test were done by an independant government lab, so in that 5 years things may have changed. Here were the apparent test results...

                                  THC          NOx          CO
        EURO II Standard       1.20 g/km    .30 g/km     5.50 g/km
        With ZEFS Device        .52 g/km    .10 g/km     1.42 g/km
        % Below EURO II           56%          65%          74%
  6. Basic theory is just so very wrong, really doubt that a simple magentic field is capable of breaking down petrol into basically the equivalent of LPG.
  7. You should read the link I posted above. In part
    "During the Los Angeles demonstration, discussed in the June 15, 2000 press release, the carbon monoxide reading decreased only after a mechanic adjusted the car's carburetor. STWA did not demonstrate that the purported results were the result of the ZEFS device and not the result of the carburetor adjustment. During the Los Angeles demonstration, after connecting the ZEFS device, the emission of harmful nitric oxide actually increased."

    The whole thing is a scam to rip of investors.
  8. source?
  9. Like I said, 5 years ago on cars with no independent testing.
    This is 5 years later, on motorcycles by independent government lab.

    You may be right. Independant government lab testing is hard to rebuff though.
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  11. A press release by the company. They *say* the tests were done by an independent government lab. I wonder why they didn't do it in the US or Europe?
    Is there supposed to be some information there about this testing? a search of the website for ZEFS and STWA came up blank.

    But you never know, they might have suddenly become an honest company with a real product that just happens to be like the fake one they were pushing before.
  12. Bangkok is one of the worlds worst air-polluted cities, due to their traffic problems, spending a projected $8 billion every year on air-pollution related health care costs. They also have one of the best and most respected automotive emission testing labs in the world, so it makes sense to me to do the testing in the country/region that would benefit most from a product like this.

    PCD = Pollution Control Department of Thailand government. Yes, that site is supposed to have a PDF download with all the details performed by the lab.

    Yeah, in that 5 years time with lots of work and R&D in Qld and the US, they might have got the product to perform and work correctly.
  13. Unless it appears in a proper scientific journal "independant" lab tests don't mean anything - especially for something making such wild claims as this one (if the theory worked you could use it to turn diesel into petrol using magnets - kinda think the oil industry would be interested in that one).
  14. Complete twaddle. I'm surprised at your lack of healthy scepticism.
  15. With environmentalism, and the so-called 'hole' in the ozone layer, being the latest refuge of clueless governments and agencies, if no the latest religion, it's no surprise that schemes like this get attention.

    On which note, a howler from some enviro-earnest at the current Sydney conference: "We have wind-farms in the West of the State that we can't get off the ground". laugh, I thought I'd cry :LOL:
  16. Maybe i'm just a cynic , but it does sorta look like dodgy brothers to me
    more like a shampoo commercial
    Our Hong Kong test lab pdf
  17. I guess a better understanding of the effect of magnetic resonance on liquid molecules is required, so that wild and ridiculous statements such as the process being able to turn diesel into petrol isn't made. :roll:
  18. You've obviously never worked in the Fire Protection industry, then.
  19. Note the final point of the lab results - using the device CO2 emissions INCREASED by 40% which may be linked to increased fuel consumption (which they didn't monitor).
  20. Different product too.