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News: Netrider awarded prestigious Hitwise Top 10 Award

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. In it's first period of registration, Netrider has received 2 prestigious Hitwise Top 10 Awards for October - December, 2005, where we ranked #8 in the Hitwise Australia 'Automotive - Motorcycling' category, and ranked #10 in the Hitwise Australia 'Automotive - Motorsport' category, based on the number of visits.

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  2. :woot:
    Go netrider

    Go Hornet and Kishy :LOL:

  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Kraven, you crack me up dude!

    I so nearly fell off my chair.... we rock!!!! :)
    without hornet we woulda been 80th and 100th, its a wonder that guy ever gets to ride his bike??? :p
  4. Is there any was to view the other websites in the top ten and in other categories?
    I can't find any link on their website
  5. I think that number of hits has more to do with how often the word boobs appears in Netrider :LOL:.
  6. Time to increase the cost of advertising methinks :grin:
  7. And if every PLONKER in here stops pissin and moaning about dumb shit we might get in the top 5 :p
  8. just doing my bit for the greater good ;)
  9. Hey liddionit, my bike is off the road with accident damage at the moment so I can't ride even if I want to.

    But what a great endoresement of this site, congrats to Vic and Jason too!
  10. Thanks Paul. It's pretty nice to see all those years of hard work has earnt Netrider 2 awards.


    Those awards have been awarded because the site is busy. It's busy because of you, because of him and because.......well..........because this place RAWKS :grin:

    Congrats to everyone.
  11. Prestigious, huh?

    I guess that means you and Jason'll be wearing tuxes from now on, eh Vic? :LOL:
  12. Over or under their leathers? :LOL:

    Photo opportunity at Southbank!

  13. Nah then we'd drop out of the top 10

    It's the pissin and moaning that put us up there.
    Look at your maintenance thread for an example. :LOL: