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News media versus Bikie groups

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. This one actually did happen,

    40 years ago I was president of the Blacknights Motor cycle club in Melbourne, We were just a bike group that wore a patch to distinguish ourselves from other bike groups of the time,

    We were going for a run to Albury for the weekend, 8-00am Saturday morning cruising up the Hume, The road was Totally deserted except for us, a car drove past with a bloody huge movie camera pointing at us as they went past,
    Hey fella's, check out the movie camera, lets give him a few good action shots, So for the next ten minutes or so, we gave him piccys of us doing hand stands on the bikes, hanging off the sides, no hands, standing on the seat, Etc Etc, All good clean fun, No danger to anyone, even tho we were doing about 140klms per hour. the car was even going faster,

    A week later, We made the front page of the now defunct Newsday.

    Motor Cycle Maniacs Dice with Death. At 70 miles per hour.

    This led to a newspaper frenzy. with people on both sides defending and condemning us,
    It also started a full on Bikie War, With all the Outlaw bikie groups in Melbourne and Geelong and a few other centres around Victoria, bashing and maiming each other and any other attrocities that the press could throw at us,

    This Bikie Battle raged for three weeks or so, Untill one of the journalists actually visited the pub that all bikies in Melbourne drank at together, and found that we were all good friends and went on our monthly runs together,
    They found that we were sending different, so called gang members with patches down to the Newsday office every couple of days to tell them which bikie gang had been beaten up, and which gang was next on the hit list to be beaten up.
    They found out that we were having a great laugh at their stupidity, in fact we were rolling around the Pub floor in hysterical laughter at their idiotic newspaper Bikie Wars, That just did not excist,
    The editor of Newsday was sacked after this stupitity of theirs was known,
    There was about 7 or eight so Called Bikie Gangs drinking in the one pub at the time. and all wore their own respective patches,
    Quite a few of these groups are still operating to this day,
    As with all groups of any kind, you will get some bad apples, That do the wrong thing.

    Take the police force for example, Majority are good people, but they have a few bad apples amongst them that deal in drugs, prostitution, murders and the such like, and they are being weeded out as they are being found,

    But do you assume the police are all guilty by association with these bad ones in their midst. No, of course you dont,

    Bikies are the same, not all are evil as the press would like you to believe.

    And no, I dont wear a patch these days, But I was and always will be a 1% untill I cant ride any more,
    Its a way of life. Riding my Bike. Even if I ride alone, which I mainly do.
  2. A good read there Brian. The media as always prints from a perspective that "sells" and sensationalises rather than report the facts. Have to laugh at how you guys were feeding them their bulltish, and their all to willingness to "report" without checking if it was true.

    I really struggle to watch a news service or read a newspaper these days without rolling my eyes at their "reporting".
  3. Thanks for that. Puts things in a different light.
  4. Good read Brian, cheers...
  5. Good one Brian! :LOL: Nice story.
  6. great read
    Thanks Brian
  7. Well done mate.

    You are a one man 'bikie' gang now anyways :LOL: :wink:

  8. haha thats awesome! beating the media beat up