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NSW News just in on 38 speed cameras in NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jul 27, 2011.

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  2. I have a sneaky suspicion that given the timing of the budget this is a "look how awesome we are while we strip all other public services bare" move.
  3. So, they're being switched off this morning, with a view to moving them to other places where they may have a greater effect on road safety. Doesn't sound to me like they've given up on the idea - they're just headed off down the road to look for a new herd to milk.
  4. is there a list of which ones have been turned off?

    Interesting the inquiry found there was no evidence of revenue raising, but given the government controls the terms and access of the inquiry I'm not at all suprised.
  5. http://www.smh.com.au/pdf/speedcameralist.pdf
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  6. ROTFL - You're kidding, right? Do you think they'd tell you?
  7. thanks smileedude. LOL at kneedragon.
  8. Good to know where they WERE - now only to find out where they will be moved TO
  9. By my count 11 in Sydney.
  10. A small win but governments are enamoured with these simple methods that raise revenue and require no ongoing thought into real road safety reform. Interestingly revenue from them has not increased in NSW. Here in Victoria they have increased on average 10%/annum and will pass 0.5 Billion dollars this year.

    Mr Gay instructed the Roads and Traffic Authority to turn off the cameras after receiving a report from the state's Auditor-General, Peter Achterstraat, this morning that identified the most hated cameras in NSW. Mr Achterstraat's report found that "overall, speed cameras change driver behaviour and improve road safety" and concluded there was no evidence that they were simply cash cows for the government. The report said that despite some increases in the cost of fines, revenue from speed cameras last year was "basically the same" as in 2003 and the average number of speeding fines per camera fell after cameras were installed.
  11. From the list these are speed cameras only, not safety cameras. I thought these were going to be reviewed also.
  12. Interesting none of the most hated cameras are on the list. I assume by ineffective they actually mean non profitable.

  13. If only...
  14. Cynical me says that these 38 just weren't covering costs and will be moved to new locations, but we'll see.
    The audit's main finding is that cameras generally are 'proven' effective (whatever that means) and here to stay. Whitewash.
  15. What!?!? Don't tell me some of these camera's are...*gulp*....ineffective???

    I was under the impression they were only erected (teehee) in blackspot area's where accidents are most high?? Don't tell me they were in a regular spot??? Why, that'd mean they were just making money?? No, that couldn't be. That'd be un-Australian!

    I'd love to see the report & evidence that it was actually & solely the camera's that reduced the road toll. I'd like to also see a report into how many 'minor' accidents there were in the same area as the camera?
  16. Not enough at all, what about all the pointless safety cameras.

    E.g. the one in mosman on military road at the junction between cowls road and military next to the toyota dealership.

    The intersection is dangerous because people turning right to head northbound on military road have an insanely obstructed view and turning right here is pretty much a leap of faith unless its dark.
    Instead of installing a turning arrow as requested by the community, they installed a safety camera which is only activated by people running the red or speeding in a northbound direction on military road, i.e. it does nothing at all to improve road safety.

    sorry vent over, i have to deal with this intersection at least 5 times a day.

    if only we had more speed camera vandalism like they do overseas.
  17. They are not turning them off they are relocating them. This is on page 37 of the report.

    Also $10M is the total revenue of these cameras since installation whereas camera revenue is $131M pa.

    This indicates that they are relocating only the less profitable ones, the ones that have been in for a long time, which the report says get less revenue over time.

    This is just a total ruse. Question everything you read guys remember question the consensus otherwise you are beige.
  18. Is this right?
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  19. Hehehe is that really the most important thing in my post?

    On another topic top 10 cameras given as of concern by respondents (from audit-apendix 1), wonder how many are being removed?

    Top 10 ‘of concern’ in NSW

    1. M2 Tunnel-M2 Motorway, Terry Creek and Norfolk Road

    2. Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Cahill Expressway and Warringah Freeway

    3. Lane Cove Tunnel, Mowbray Road and the Pacific Highway

    4. F3 Freeway, Ourimbah, Dogtrap Road Overpass and Ourimbah Creek Road

    5. The Spit, Spit Road, Parriwi Road and Upper Spit Road

    6. Moore Park, Cleveland St, Anzac Parade and South Dowling Street (school zone)

    7. F3 Freeway, Bar Point, Jolls Bridge and Mount White Exit Ramp

    8. Mascot, General Holmes Drive, Foreshore Road and M5 East Motorway

    9. M4 Motorway, Wentworthville/Greystanes, between Coleman Street and Cumberland Highway Overpasses

    10. Auburn, Parramatta Rd, Harbord Street and Duck Street

    Edit: Only number 5,8 and 9 I think....