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News interview

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattb, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. I'm on a bike tour at the moment which started Monday morning, when I rode for an hour and a half on the slow SR500 and pulled up at a cafe in Ballarat. I was utterly frozen such that I was a bit brain-dead and was having trouble counting out my change for a coffee, when a few people there complimented my on my bike, asked me if I'd heard of some new licensing proposal (which I hadn't) and whether they could interview me about it. The next moment there was a camera and a beautiful blonde with a microphone and questions and I was being interviewed by Win News about some proposal for further education of car drivers which would include awareness of motorcyclists. Then they filmed me as I geared up and rode off.

    I didn't see it (Monday evening news for regional Victoria). An in-law of my brother apparently saw it. Did anybody else? As I say I was brain-dead, and I just mumbled some meaningless replies. Partly I was waiting for some implicitly anti-motorcycling question, and was trying to communicate that any changes to motorcycle licensing must be evidence-based and designed to encourage safety rather than be designed to be prohibitive of motorcycling. I thought of plenty of good things to say afterward, but at the time I time I was just trying make coherent sentences. :facepalm: