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News: Impact of Commonwealth Games on riders

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. In March, Melbourne will host the 2006 Commonwealth Games. A key impact for motorcyclists during the Games is the restricted motorcycle parking at and around Games venues and on road events.

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  2. All this hoohah over a 3rd rate sporting event where apart from Australia, Great Britain, Canada and New Zealand it's the best of the 3rd world.
    Australia will run amok in the pool as per usual
    England Jamaica and Canada will dominate in the Athletics and the Kiwis may win a medal or 2 as well.
    They are making this out to be bigger than the Olympics in Sydney.
    Having said that at least there will be other festivities to have a look at if we can actually GET there either by bike or public transport.
  3. well i guess i cant work lol
    :LOL: :LOL:
  4. how long do the games run for?
  5. 2 weeks isn't it?
  6. i do think its like 10 days
    i could be wrong
  7. :rofl: The 'Empire Games'... what a joke, they haven't even got cricket in the games, yet that's one of the only sports we are truly world champs at, and is played almost exclusively in the commonwealth. Just a wanna be Olympics.

    Oh well, at least it'll inject money into the local economy... surely...?
  8. C'mon guuuuuuys

    Think of the sexy athletic vimmens. Think of Southbank. This single factor will I believe make the entire craptacular venture worthwhile.
  9. geez i hope you right, thats four days better then 2 weeks :grin: and maybe 4 days of better tv :roll: maybe
  10. ha I'm taking holidays, trains will be packed, roads will be packed and now restricted parking so it's off to the Gippsland Lakes for me :bolt:

  11. Actually speaking of Southbank will friday night coffee still be allowed during the games?
    I mean riding up and parking as normal.
    Maybe Groberts can check it out.
  12. :LOL: Restricting motorbike parking...what stupid cager made this rule. What will they think of next :!:
  14. the lighting an security for 1 bus compound cost $1/2 Mil to install... Dad's driving one of the busses.... lucky him :LOL:

  15. Erm I didn't say that. :) I fixed your attribution for you :)
  16. Ahhh it will be fun. Amazed by the restriction of motorcycle parking tho.. Stupid. (Right at the doors yeah I guess motorcycle bombs are a possibility)

    Public transport wont cope.

    Most overseas visitors even with visitor syndrome will be better drivers than we are used too.
  17. Better not tell that to all the Australian cricketers who won Commonwealth Games silver medals... in the least likely of all places.
  18. Was it Ned who said; " I suppose it's come to this..." ?
  19. it all sounds like a great time to plan another lane splitting protest ride to me .... imagine all that extra traffic
  20. What's worse is the exclusive "Commonwealth Games vehicles lanes". Motorcycles aren't allowed to use them either.

    What we'll have is a fully congested lane of traffic and an empty lane which gets about 100-150 vehicles a day. When they announced it originally I wrote asking that motorcycles be allowed to use these lanes as we do not hold up traffic. I never got the courtesy of a response from either VicRoads or the COmmonwealth Games people. :?