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News: Honda to release first turbo bike in 25 years

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Reports emanating from informed sources suggest Honda is about to release its first turbocharged motorcycle in a quarter of a century with a turbocharged version of the VTX Concept 2 which debuted at the Chicago Show in 2004.

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  2. This story nearly made me laugh as hard as the other rumor going around that a V5 1400 is on its way to replace the Blackbird.

    I suppose the magazines need to sell there mags somehow?
  3. ooooo my eyes, my eyes (and not from the acceleration either.....)
  4. If it ever got made it would end up like the RUNE. Only 10 were ever brought to oz and 1 of them we still have in the office. The other 9 I never seen on the road ever. Whats the point of making a bike thats just going to sit in a collection that no one ever sees or rides?
  5. Why turbo a cruiser?

    Why not just get a bike that's made to go fast?
  6. Think it's just playing into that "mine's bigger than yours" cruiser market that seems to have opened up recently with the introduction of bikes like the Rocket III. Seems to be plenty of cashed up people out there (mainly in the US) that just want something that looks good and will impress their mates the one or two times a year they actually take it out of the garage.
  7. Well the CX(I Think)500E (?) had a turbo.

    They said it was as good as a 650.

    All I know, of the two I kow of, both had serious turbo problems.

    One did 3 in two years. Bloke offerred it to me because it had very low Ks. I checked with the local mech and he told me the story. No sale.

    I believe the non turbo model was very good.
  8. by the time this is finally released, if it is released, ill be off restrictions and ready to upgrade :D

    might get one, they look damn mean
  9. Hey Pete, do you work for MPE? If so do they ahave any damaged F4i's they would sell to a stunt rider?? :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. Yep, Honda had the CX500 and CX650; Suzuki had the XN85; Yamaha the XJ650 and Kawasaki had the GPZ750/900 - all bikes fitted/available with turbos.