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News: Honda Rider\'s Club hits 100,000 members

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by ForumBot, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. The Honda Riders Club of Australia (HRCA) recently marked a major milestone by naming their 100,000th member to join the Club since its inception in 1993.

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  2. Yeah, but how many members does it currently have?

    And I wish that they wouldn't call it a "club". that usually infers some sort of democratic process within the organisation, with committee positions, elections, etc.
  3. I'm a member. Since being a member gives me 5% discount on my insurance :)
  4. For me that 5% discount would mean about $17. How much a year is HCRA membership?
  5. 100,000 misguided souls. :roll:
  6. First year, the cost of a honda motorbike or $33 and after that $27.50/year.

    Wonder when my Joe Jocket leathers and other prizes will arrive.. :cry:
  7. Heh heh Joe Jocket...

    Whaddya mean matty? Is there some sort of HRCA hookup with Joe's Rocket?
  8. $33 for membership.

    Saves me $30 on bike 1. Saves me $40 on bike 2.

    Also ended up saving me $170 off some hotel as well, with the best western voucher I got via them.

    So it's paid itself back already :)
  9. Thats what this puke got of being the 100000th member, I want to know where my prises are!!!!

    Joe Rocket was the sponsor for the Honda Aussie Superbike team in 2005.
  10. and then you got the ride days for $140.00
  11. Whoops, there I go. Must join the MRA one of these days too. As if I don't spend enough time on motorcycling forums.
  12. You can spend too much time on motorcycle forums???????